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Geography study opportunities? Second subject?

paula04  📅 23.03.2015 12:47:40
Geography study opportunities? Second subject?
Hello everybody,

I would like to start studying geography at the University of Münster in the winter semester, as I am very interested in human geography. After having informed myself intensively, there are still some questions unanswered. I would be happy if someone shared a few experiences on the subject.

Of course, one wonders first what the career opportunities look like. There are many different articles to be found on the Internet. Some are very positive others are very negative (employment opportunities and salaries) How would you rate that? What kind of perspectives do you have? And do you have to assume that you have to be willing to move far away in order to find a job at all?

Would it be advisable to study another subject in the 2-subject bachelor's degree in order to have career opportunities at all?
I thought about economics, but I have doubts because a lot of math is needed here. That's why I'm thinking whether geography is enough, or whether you should push your way through here. Or would a completely different subject make sense?

If you don't do this, I've seen that there is an option to choose minor subjects. For example, there is economics and politics.
Politics would interest me most personally, but I could imagine economics being more useful. What role does the choice of minor play?

Would be very happy about answers,

many greetings
takida  📅 23.03.2015 13:09:04
Re: Geography study opportunities? Second subject?
With the 2-subject model, you may (depending on the second subject) keep the opportunity open (less problematic and faster) to switch to teaching.

Human geography is interesting at first, but the positions that I have seen in this area so far would be more specifically in economic geography or in spatial planning. Another branch where I personally see potential would be the entire GIS-supported track, models, geomatics ...

It is certainly not a job guarantee course, but if you think carefully about what you want to do with it and set the appropriate priorities in your studies, then it is not the path to Hartz IV per se.

Because of the minor: I don't know exactly how much it matters in Münster, but most of the time the subjects are of a scope that can only be overwritten with basic knowledge. Would consider geoinformatics, geosciences and landscape ecology most likely with the Münster offer.

Overall: Bridle the horse the other way around. Where do you want to work professionally? The more confidently you know this in advance, the better you can narrow it down in a targeted manner.
paula04  📅 23.03.2015 13:55:11
Re: Geography study opportunities? Second subject?
Many thanks for the quick response.

I have not considered teaching anymore because I cannot imagine studying a shortage subject like physics or Latin and otherwise there are not enough positions available.

Unfortunately, I don't yet know exactly what I want to do in the end. It's just too difficult for me to get an idea from the outside of what kind of job opportunities there really are and what kind of tasks one really has in the job. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to do an internship yet, which is certainly important.
But maybe I could point out the direction of economic geography. to introduce. Geoinformatics and co. I would rather not see it as a focus.

So apart from teaching: is a bachelor's degree in geography just as productive as a two-subject bachelor's degree? Or would a 2 bachelor's degree in general be recommended and would be worthwhile? Then there is the question which subjects would be recommended (beyond the MINT subjects)? Or can something like that also have disadvantages, since you may then be even less specialized?
takida  📅 23.03.2015 14:42:28
Re: Geography study opportunities? Second subject?
With the 2-subject BA, it depends a lot on what you take as a second subject. Aside from MINT, that is very restrictive, but if I'm honest, Italian + geography, for example, is certainly fun, but do you have any idea where you can work with it? That would be the question then ... has to be carefully considered, no matter what you take from it.

Everything is goal-oriented - the question is always for what. I am not one of those people who demonize the 2-subject BA per se as only half-studying 2 subjects ...
Career opportunities are not always where you immediately suspect them.
Generally shown here:

Economic promotion would then be an option, for example. Right now I only found that: http://bottrop.de/rathaus/ausschreiben/stellen/113010100000154049.php
As an example, so that you can see the task area.

But I ask the other way around: Why geography? What are you interested in?
paula04  📅 23.03.2015 22:40:40
Re: Geography study opportunities? Second subject?
I was already excited about the Geo-LK at school.
I also just sat down in lectures and found the topics very, very exciting. Precisely because it is very interdisciplinary and deals with topics with concrete references to reality, current questions and problems.

Yes, I can well imagine that with geography and Italian but maybe we take something like geography and economics. Wouldn't that be a great advantage for an application?
I meant that more in that direction
takida  📅 24.03.2015 07:44:02
Re: Geography study opportunities? Second subject?
Then you are already very well informed and can assess whether this interests you. That's a good thing.

In the case of 2-subject, the question with the master’s degree fits in with the later job requirements ... usually it still follows. Then the further perspective would be very important again. In the environmental sector in administration, it would be more sensible for the minor subjects, for example, if you did geography + public law; In the economic sector of administration, it depends on the economics modules.

Maybe someone with a business background can tell you more about the modules at ZFB-Ökonomik: http://www.uni-muenster.de/imperia/md/content/wwu/ab_uni/2008/ausgabe06/06.pdf
For me, it looks like a mere introduction to business studies, to fundamentals in economics and then "additional" with work + social affairs, environmental economics, which is again rather special ...
I only know a few WiWis, so I can't really judge how useful it is.

How much this differs from the choice of minor and the content would then also be the question. The way I see it, you also have micro + macro and then 2 economics electives ... wouldn't be "so much" less or the question of whether ZFB makes "so much" more sense ... that can do it for you because someone from WiWi would probably better say what the concrete looks like with the modules.
Maren04  📅 06.08.2018 17:06:26
Re: Geography study opportunities? Second subject?
Hey, I know this post is older, but I'll just give it a try.
In the end, did you decide on the 2-subject bachelor's degree?
I am currently considering studying geography with economics as a minor. Unfortunately, I am not quite sure whether it has more advantages or disadvantages.
Thanks in advance!
Re: Geography study opportunities? Second subject?
Better to switch to civil engineering if you can. You have your loved ones with you and the time after your studies will be more pleasant.
Re: Geography study opportunities? Second subject?
From medical physicists Better to switch to civil engineering if you can. You have your loved ones with you and the time after your studies will be more pleasant.
What does geography have to do with "beloved environment"?