Where is the cheapest place to develop films

Cheap film development, even with special requests


It's difficult to find a good AND cheap photo lab these days. Most discount drug stores are unbeatable when it comes to the cost of “normal” first-print film development. However, as soon as you have a special request, the price multiplies. Quite apart from the fact that the “price list” is mostly incomplete. In the end I found a shop that was developing well and cheaply.

Here, too, the existing price list was not really meaningful, small picture development yes, not a word about medium format. I gave it a try and was not disappointed. The results were good and the price was the same as that for 35mm development.

The pictures of my Holga were developed without any problems.

Even with my Agfa Clack there were no problems.

The other day I got really brave and handed in a slide film for cross-development:

So far I have always given my pictures to this one dm branch in Hutfilterstrasse, but since dm is a nationwide chain, it could be that film development is similarly cheap at other branches. Just give it a try!

Soon, crazy as I am, I'll be handing in a black and white medium format film, let's see what happens. ;-)

written by dermanu on 2012-05-08 in # Orte # location # cheap # development # germany # bremen # local-flavor # inner-city # special-tasks

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