What is an animal sticker


Stickers are self-adhesive printed products that exist in a wide variety of colors and material thicknesses with any contour. Stickers can optionally be provided with text and / or a graphic.

The sticker is a synonym for label, sticker, adhesive label or also for adhesive label.

Cultural significance of the sticker in modern times

We encounter stickers every day in many different shapes and colors and with a wide variety of tasks; The adhesive labels were able to establish themselves as means of expression in a wide variety of areas and have gained different degrees of importance.

Collective stickers for children

Colorful stickers with the craziest graphics are particularly popular with children. Whether specially made stickers with matching scrapbooks or as a small addition and advertising material in sweets or magazines: The stickers can be found everywhere and are in great demand among children. Specially made sticker albums are particularly suitable for collecting the most beautiful achievements, the coated sides of which make it easier to peel off stickers and, if necessary, to use them again.

Means of protest

The sticker is often used as a means of protest among young people. Especially in the punk scene, the quiet, yet no less conspicuous type of protest with the help of stickers is strongly represented. Slogans or catchy pictures are printed on the stickers and these are then attached everywhere in public, as conspicuous and penetrating as possible. This type of sticker can be found almost everywhere, especially in larger cities.

Art object

For some time now, the stickers have also contributed to changing the cityscape in other ways: They are increasingly found as an expression of modern art on facades, bus stops, power boxes and the like. Where graffiti used to shine in the cities, there is now a shift towards the art of glueing. From small, inconspicuous stickers to huge posters that are decorated in a particularly sophisticated way, almost everything can be found today.

Advertising medium

Stickers are also well represented as advertising media. From the already mentioned collective stickers, e.g. in candy packs, for children, the range of different advertising stickers extends to stickers of the brand logo or stickers with particularly funny and memorable sayings. While the collective stickers for children ensure that the corresponding product is bought more often, brand stickers, on the other hand, serve more for branding and positive recognition of the brand. Stickers from young and modern brands are particularly valued by young people and are used for self-portrayal. When stuck to various objects, such as school folders or even the first car, the stickers are proudly presented to the public and the affiliation to this brand is signaled. Stickers with different slogans have been able to establish themselves in recent years, especially in the beverage industry: alcoholic beverages in particular are promoted with the help of these stickers at larger, public celebrations and events.

Information carrier

Probably the most important and most frequently used task of the sticker is to transmit various information. Labels of all kinds are printed on stickers: whether guidelines, various instructions and commands, prohibitions or laws. Stickers serve as conveyors of information in a wide variety of ways, identify and protect people and convey your message.

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