What causes numb fingertips during pregnancy

What helps with carpal tunnel syndrome during pregnancy?

What can you do about it?

  • Keep your hands in a neutral position while sleeping
    Some people crease their hands while sleeping - this doesn't help if you're prone to carpal tunnel syndrome. On the other hand, it makes sense to stretch out your hands and wrists while sleeping or to bring them into a neutral position.
  • Don't sleep on your hands
    Avoid resting your head on your hands while you sleep. If you can do this, it will reduce the chances of putting unnecessary pressure on your nerves.
  • Support your hands with a pillow
    Of course, many unconscious changes of position take place during sleep. To make sure that your hand stays in a neutral position, you can place it on a small pillow. The necessary fixation can also be achieved by placing it between the pillowcase and the pillow.
  • Sleep on your side
    The side sleeping position isn't just the best for the baby as it encourages blood flow. It is also the best for you if you want to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. Because if you lie on your back, your uterus presses against your spine, which in turn increases the pressure on the blood vessels.
  • More tips
    Avoid stretching and flexing the wrist too much. If pain occurs, shake hands. Avoid actions that make the pain worse and work that requires constant hand movements. If in doubt, acupuncture and kinesiological tapes can also help.