What are the best PS3 games

The best games for Playstation 3

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PlayStation 3 Games: List of the Best Games

Although the PlayStation 3 has been on the market since spring 2007 and there is already a successor with the PlayStation 4, PS3 games are still very popular and in demand. The top games include sports and racing games, adventure and horror games. Cool classics can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store. A much discussed topic is the compatibility of PS3 games with the PS4. Meanwhile, Sony offers a solution for this, at least for selected PlayStation 3 games.

Charts: The best PlayStation 3 games sorted by age

Because the PlayStation 3 has been on the market for over ten years, many of the games can be bought very cheaply - both on platforms such as Amazon and through private sales. You can also sell your used PS3 games yourself on eBay and other online platforms. Are you looking for a game for children, teenagers or adults? Here are the most popular PlayStation 3 games sorted by age rating.

From 6: PlayStation 3 games for girls and boys

Cute animals, children's book and cartoon heroes: In the PlayStation 3 games for children, the little yellow men from Lego, the cool Duck Tales and fast speedsters from Cars are right at the front. The game Little Big Planet is also known. With the Sims, girls and boys can create their own world with large families and groups of friends, buy pets and have parties - almost like in real life. Many of the other PS3 games work on the simple but popular jump & run principle. The PS3 games in the Move Games category are also available from 6 years of age or even without any age restriction. These are mainly sports, dance and party games that are controlled with the whole body via a special controller - a real innovation when it was released and still a popular party gadget to this day.

Adventure from 12 years

Lego and comic heroes are also very popular with 12 to 15 year olds. At Lego, kids like to venture into the world of Star Wars and Marvel's Avengers. And also PlayStation 3 games, which demand a lot from adults, are among the top games from the age of 12: In car and racing games such as Need for Speed, skill at the wheel is essential. The Prince of Persia takes players of all ages into a fantastic adventure world and sports competitions are held in multiplayer mode with football, ice hockey and basketball.
Tip: Car and racing games are particularly fun with the appropriate accessories. For example, extra steering wheels can be connected to the PS3 and the driving experience becomes even more realistic. Headsets can be used to communicate with other players who are playing in a different room or even in a completely different location.

Horror and action from 16 years

The cool PlayStation 3 games for ages 16 and up are much darker and more action-packed: Sometimes brutal battles are fought and creepy worlds crossed here. At the top of the game charts for ages 16 and up are classics such as Assasin's Creed, but also the film heroes from The Lord of the Rings, Transformers and James Bond want to be guided through sometimes fantastic, sometimes very real game worlds.

For adults: PlayStation 3 games from 18 years of age

Games with particularly aggressive content are explicitly only for adults - this can mean the explicit representation of violence as well as sexual content. Much of the PlayStation 3 content approved for ages 16 and over is available in an uncut version, which is then only available for ages 18 and over. In addition to first person shooters and zombie and horror adventures, car games and simulations are also popular PS3 games.

USK: How the age rating is structured for PS3 games

The age rating for PlayStation 3 games takes place via the rating system entertainment software self-control - abbreviated: USK. This system should also be known from the film industry, where the abbreviation FSK is used. The classification works as already stated above: from 0 years (i.e. without restriction), from 6 years, from 12 years, from 16 years and from 18 years. For example, party games can only be played from the age of 12 or 16, because in addition to the depiction of violence, the use of vulgar language and the depiction of nudity are an evaluation criterion. The age rating is indicated by different colored symbols with the respective age information on the packaging of the PlayStation 3 game.

Download PlayStation 3 games

In addition to buying CDs or Blue-Rays for the PlayStation 3, it is also possible to buy PS3 games in the Sony Entertainment Network Store or PlayStation Store and then download them directly to the console.
Good to know: During the download, twice as much space is required on the PS3's hard drive as the size of the game itself.
It is also possible to download films and watch them on the PlayStation3. The videos can be bought or rented, although rental videos are of course only available for a limited time and can only be transferred to other devices to a limited extent.

Play PS3 games on PS4

When the PlayStation 4 appeared on the market in 2013, many game fans wondered whether they would be able to use their PlayStation 3 games on the new console - and were disappointed. The new console was fundamentally not backwards compatible. The official rationale was that older games just wouldn't look good graphically on the new console - and with excellent graphics, things would get worse, among other things. yes advertised for the PS4. To this day, Sony is still blocking backward compatibility for all PlayStation 3 games. But: Some of the cool classics for the PS4 are now available through the PlayStation Now service.
The paid service relies on streaming PS3 and PS4 games. The offer changes from time to time, so the list of PS3 games that can be played on the PS4 is constantly changing. After a free 7-day test phase, the subscription costs 16.99 euros per month and you get access to over 450 exclusive games, including top PS3 games such as the Batman series, Cars, Dynasty Warriors and Fallout 3. A stable subscription is required and fast internet connection, the games can then also be played on the PC. A complete list of the available PS3 games that can also be played on the PS4 is available on the German PlayStation website.

Via the PlayStation 3

After a difficult start to sales of the PlayStation 3 from 2006 (in Japan and North America) and 2007 (in Europe), sales rose steadily with the release of the slim version in 2009 at the latest. At the beginning of 2016, over 85 million consoles had been sold worldwide. In the United States, sales of the PS3 in the United States were discontinued in October 2016, followed six months later by Japan. In Germany we only use the console via z. B. Amazon sells for under or around 100 euros. Extensive accessories such as controllers, special steering wheels for racing games, headsets and microphones are also available here. In addition to the video game function, a PlayStation 3 can also play music CDs, DVDs and Blue-Rays, which is why it is still very popular in many living rooms.

The best games for Playstation 3 in comparison

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