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Digital signature 2017: Certificate, QR code & registration

One thing first: With the ready2order POS system, you have found a cash register with a digital signature that meets the requirements of modern entrepreneurs and is also the easiest to meet the cash register security regulations.

Apply for a RKSV certificate
Apply for a certificate from ready2order
  • Automatic registration by ready2order
    Submit the application for the creation of a FinanzOnline web service user through ready2order online
  • or independent registration
    Enter the data of the FinanzOnline web service user in ready2order: Participant ID / User ID / Pin

The QR code with the signature will now be printed on your receipt.

Since April 1st, 2017, all cash registers must also have a technical security device. This should guarantee protection against manipulation. The security device consists of a chain of cash transactions using the electronic signature. The current sales status, the sales status of the last receipt and the cash sales of the current receipt are linked in the signature. This prevents manipulation by deleting documents.

Do I have to buy new hardware, signature cards or anything else for the security device?

With ready2order you don't have to buy any additional hardware or a signature card. The security device is implemented centrally in the form of a hardware security module and is cloud-based. This is cost-saving and safe, since the safety device is not dependent on hardware errors or wear and tear.

With ready2order you do not need a signature card or additional card readers, as the security device is implemented centrally in the form of a hardware security module (HSM). In concrete terms, this means for you that the signature creation unit at ready2order is already regulated by the corresponding certificate and the ready2order software. You can easily apply for the signature certificate from us. Here you will find the confirmation form that ready2order complies with the RKSV.

Which steps are necessary so that I fulfill the signature requirement?

  1. Obtaining the certificate (or the signature creation unit)
  2. Creation of the start receipt (is carried out automatically by ready2order)
  3. Registration in FinanzOnline (is carried out automatically by ready2order)
  4. Check of the start receipt (is carried out automatically by ready2order)

Apply for a certificate and fulfill the signature requirement

Fulfill the digital signature easily and carefree with ready2order.

FAQ. to the signature requirement and RKSV.

How long does it take to register with FinanzOnline?

Registration with FinanzOnline usually takes 2-3 working days.

Do I get a confirmation after reserving the signature certificate?

Yes, you will receive a confirmation that you have reserved the certificate.

Can certificates be transferred to other POS systems?

No. With ready2order, only those certificates can be used that have been purchased directly from us.

Can the same certificate be used for all locations?

Only one certificate is required per account, even if you are using several additional licenses.

However, if you have several accounts that have the same VAT number (UID), it is sufficient if you use an “additional certificate” for the additional accounts. This costs EUR 10 per year and per additional account.

I have several licenses on my ready2order account, do I therefore need several certificates?

No, if you use several licenses with one ready2order account, you still only need one certificate. (e.g. gastronomy with a stationary cash register and a mobile device).

I have several accounts that all run on one company, do I need several certificates?

If you have several ready2order accounts that all run on the same UID number, you can store additional certificates for the other accounts.

These can be purchased for EUR 10 per additional certificate. The number of signatures is deducted from the main certificate.

What happens if I make more transactions than are included in the package?

If the contained signatures are exceeded within a year, a new certificate package is automatically set up. Regardless of the remaining term of the certificate, the full price of the certificate package is due. The upgrade does not change the original certificate validity period.

What if my business gets over 100,000 invoices a year?

If you exceed 100,000 signatures per year, the certificate with 100,000 signings is due again in full.

How are the receipts sent to the tax office?

Registration at FinanzOnline can be carried out automatically by ready2order after entering the web service user. A continuous transmission of receipts to FinanzOnline is currently not provided for by law.

What is the AES 256 key of the ready2order cash register and what is the check value for the user key? (4 digit code)

The AES 256 key is used as encryption for the sales counter, so that the sales cannot be read by everyone. The key is randomly generated and stored by ready2order when you register for FinanzOnline.

How does the QR code work for an offline invoice?

Offline invoices are legally comparable to Paragons, i.e. handwritten receipts. According to the RKSV (Cash Register Security Ordinance), such paragons can be created for up to 48 hours. With these Paragons there is no need to print a QR code, as the signature only takes place when the receipts are uploaded to the server.