Why did Imam Mahdi disappear

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Imam Mahdi (a.) Is called Muhammad ibn Hasan and is the last of the Twelve Imams (a.) And expected Savior.

His father is Imam Hasan al-Askari (a.) And his mother is Nargis Chatun. It is on Friday the 15th Shaban in 255 AH. (29 July 869 AD) born in Sammara. The day is celebrated in the Islamic Republic of Iran as World Day of the Oppressed.

According to the Shiites, he still lives in secrecy and will appear before the end of the world. His title is "al-Mahdi", which means something like "the guided" or "the rightly guided". Other titles are: Prince of Time [sahib-uz-zaman] or Imam of Time, "Evidence-proof son of Hasan" [hudschat ibn-al-hasan], governor of the sword [sahib-alsaif], with which, among other things, the sword Dhu ' l-Fiqar is meant that is with him, Abu Salih or the insurgent [al-qa'im]. When the latter is mentioned, Muslims stand up to honor the expected uprising to free humanity from injustice. When all of his names are mentioned, the addition "may Allah hasten the liberation of his bondage (to secrecy)" [ajal-allahu-farajahum], which means something like "may he soon appear". For further titles see also: Concealment.

Prophet Muhammad (s.) Said:

قال رسول الله (ص): انا سيد النبيين و علي سيد الوصيين و ان اوصيائي بعدي اثن اعشر ، اولهم علهي المي لرد

I am the prince of the prophets and Ali is the prince of the heirs and verily the heirs after me are 12, the first being Ali and the last being Qaim Mahdi.

The birth of Imam Mahdi (a.) Took place in hiding from the threat of the Abbasid caliph Mu'tamid. He wanted at all costs to prevent the birth of the 12th Imam (a.) In order to finally wipe out the representatives of Islam who resisted the illegal rule of the Abbasids and to maintain and strengthen their own position of power.

The life of the Imam (a.) Can be divided into three parts:

  1. From birth to martyrdom of the father up to 260 AD (939 AD): Since the father spent most of the time separated from the family in dungeons, the child was brought into the Imam's pious sister (a.), Hakima divine laws introduced. Only to the closest followers and scholars did the father (a.) Introduce his son as the 12th Imam (a.). His leadership was already foretold by the Prophet Muhammad (s.) And all Imams (a.).
  2. The little concealment 260 - 329 n.d.H. (872-939 AD)
  3. The great concealment from 329 a.d.H. (941 AD)

When he appears, he will carry the insignia of Imam Mahdi (a.) With him and perform numerous miracles. He will speak all the languages ​​of the earth, both for all human beings and for other creatures. His return is linked to the expected return of Jesus (a.). It takes place after the signs of the second coming of Imam Mahdi (a.), Which announce his appearance.

According to some traditions, it appears in an odd year according to the Islamic calendar.

About the verse in the Holy Qur'an"Know that Allah revives the earth after its death" (57:17) said Imam Baqir (a.): "God will (re) enliven the earth through the use of (Imam) Mahdi".

The Savior will be received at his appearance by 313 companions of Imam al-Mahdi (a.), Who will swear the oath of allegiance to Imam Mahdi (a.).

There are reports that Imam Mahdi (a.) Will subsequently travel from Mecca to Kufa. It is said in a tradition from Amr ibn Shimr, from Abu Jafar (a.), That he mentioned Imam Mahdi (a.) As follows: "He will move into Kufa and there will be three flags that will beat against each other and lean towards him."

The rule of justice should last at least 70 years. He will judge between people according to the judgment of Prophet Muhammad (s.). In that time the earth will reveal its treasures and show its blessings. At that time a man will not find a place to give alms or be generous because all believers will be rich.

Imam Mahdi (a.) Said to his followers: "We have neither refrained from helping and protecting you, nor have we forgotten you. Otherwise the difficulties would overwhelm you and your enemies would destroy you. Be religious and godly and support us so that we can protect you from the calamities around you . " (Bihar-ul-Anwar Volume 3, p. 175)

According to some traditions [hadith], Jesus (a.) Will appear with him. Prophet Muhammad (s) said: "Verily, my caliphs and my heirs and the evidences of God are after me twelve (persons). The first is Ali and the last is my son Mahdi. Then Ruhullah Isa Ibn Maryam (Jesus (a.) From heaven) will descend and pray behind him. And he (Mahdi) will illuminate the earth with the light of God and his rule will extend from east to west. "

Some believe that Imam Mahdi (a.) Had his mosque built in Jamkaran. In Karbala he is said to have been at the Imam Mahdi site. The Imam Mahdi Center Münster is named after him.