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Job guarantee: These specialists are desperately wanted

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8th place: Child and adolescent psychiatry

Would All child and adolescent psychiatrists would suddenly become unemployed if there were an average of only 21.7 applicants for a job advertisement in the Deutsches Ärzteblatt. This means that these specialists are ranked 8th among the most urgently wanted specialists in Germany.

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7th place: gastroenterology

The continuing education It takes 72 months to become a specialist in internal medicine and gastroenterology, with a focus on gastroenterology for 36 months. With 18.5 potential applicants for one job advertisement, gastroenterology took 7th place.

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6th place: Psychiatry

Also psychiatrists are sought-after specialists on the German labor market. There are 18.5 potential applicants for one job advertisement.

All information on specialist training in psychiatry and psychotherapy is available here.

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5th place: Public Health

As a specialist or a specialist in public health, you carry out preventive examinations and explain health risks. With 16.1 potential job applicants for an advertised position, this specialist medical field lands in 5th place in the ranking of the most wanted medical specialists in Germany.


4th place: pulmonology

asthma, COPD, lung cancer and many diseases of the respiratory tract are on the rise - this is one of the reasons why pulmonologists are in demand as specialists. With 15.9 pulmonologists per job advertisement, this department ranks fourth.

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3rd place: laboratory medicine

The shortage is already there big in laboratory medicine, but it will worsen over the next few years. Two out of three doctors in this specialty are over 50 years old, only 80 laboratory doctors working in Germany are younger than 40 years old. Last year, there were 14.4 potential job applicants for one advertisement in the Deutsches Ärzteblatt.

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2nd place: hygiene and environmental medicine

Although the advanced training for hygiene and environmental medicine is a regular full-time advanced training, it was only completed by 24 doctors in 2019. And that where the need is huge at almost 2,000 hospitals in Germany. There are 14.3 potential applicants for one position.


1st place: Psychosomatic Medicine

Specialists in psychosomatics Medicine work closely with other medical professionals - be they psychologists, art and body therapists or social therapists. And: They are in demand. Regardless of whether in the practice or at the clinic - there are only 10.4 specialists for an advertised position in psychosomatic medicine. This means that doctors in this field are the most sought-after in Germany.