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Nutritional science degree

Nutritional science is a central point in health research. Despite various diet trends and increased awareness of healthy eating and quality foods, there are still too often one-sided diets and obesity. This can result in diseases such as diabetes. Tumor diseases are also associated with diet, as foods are often contaminated with harmful substances. It is all the more important to take a close look at food, because food, nutrition and metabolism go hand in hand and in principle we are (or become) what we eat.

In the nutritional science degree you will learn everything about that Interaction between body and nutrition: Which processes take place in the body when eating, how the food is chemically composed and how our body deals with the ingredients.

Alternative options

Not only the nutrition science degree deals with the subject of nutrition and health. In your search for the right place to study, could do for you too Degree programs such as nutritional therapy and nutritional counseling, clinical nutrition, nutritional management and dietetics or ecotrophologywith a focus on nutrition. Alternatively, there are many nutritionist training courses, but these are not academic, instead of a bachelor's or master's degree you will receive a certificate at the end.

University tip


Are you interested in healthy eating and can you imagine a future as a nutritionist? Then the "Nutritional Science" distance learning course at the IU could be right for you. You can find details in the information material.