Does Bulletproof Coffee Work? Is it Legit?

Colorful: Autumn highlights: pumpkin beer and rubber ballerinas

The summer tan has faded, T-shirts have been exchanged for knitted sweaters. It's getting darker, wetter, colder. But even the biggest autumn grouch should find something to look forward to: be it colorful fashion trends, cinema blockbusters or spicy pumpkin beer.

Orange: The pumpkin is a popular autumn vegetable - it can be baked, fried and mashed. But drink pumpkin? Since a large coffee chain has been offering the "Pumpkin Spice Latte" at the latest, pumpkin drinks have been a trend in this country - including pumpkin beer. A brewery in Upper Austria ferments the sweet juice from muscat squash with its beer. In Hamburg, a brewery brews its ale with Hokkaidos and a mixture of spices. "We took up an old recipe from the settlers in America," says Alex Ohm from the Ratsherrn Brewery. Because there was no grain back then, the beer was brewed with pumpkin puree. "Ohm says there is a" hunger for seasonal dishes ".

Colorful fashion: Summertime is over - but fresh colors like pink are also worn in autumn, as qualified designer Robert Herzog from the Stuttgart State Fashion School says. Ponchos - cowboy-like capes - with ethnic patterns and Renaissance-inspired coats are part of the fall of fashion. "Imagine a bishops' conference or a baroque chapel," says Herzog of the decorations in autumn fashion.

Change of scenery: Some people go on a city trip to distract themselves from the autumn blues. Popular travel destinations for Germanwings for example this autumn are Barcelona, ‚Äč‚ÄčLondon, Vienna and Paris. But many also stay true to their warm favorite places and fly into the sun, as a spokeswoman for the German Travel Association says: to Greece, Spain, but also further away to the United Arab Emirates.

Rain protection: This autumn nobody has to choose between fashion consciousness and dry feet. Because: The classic rubber boots, which are now an integral part of celebrities' wardrobes, have been transformed. Now there are boots, high heels and sneakers in rubber versions. A British rubber boot manufacturer sells waterproof ballerinas and ankle-high Chelsea boots. There is also a well-known basketball shoe model made entirely of rubber.

Energy kick: When it gets dark at six, some people lose the desire to go out in the evening. This autumn some have discovered a new pick-me-up: the "Bullet Proof Coffee". The trendy drink from America is a mixture of coffee, butter and oil. This is supposed to stimulate and scare away winter indolence. Those who prefer traditional seasonal drinks are waiting for the Christmas markets. From the end of November there will be plenty of mulled wine there again.

Face warmer: The beard is trendy for men in a special way this fall: The fundraising campaign "Movember", a suitcase word from the English "mustache" and "November", calls on men to let their mustache grow in November . The aim is to raise awareness of diseases such as prostate cancer and to collect donations. According to the organizers, the Australian fundraising campaign has also been running in Germany for two years.

Adrenaline rush: no matter how the weather rages outside, it is warm in the cinemas. And it should be exciting: Because some blockbuster sequels are entering the hot phase. The last film in the "Hobbit" trilogy, "The Battle of the Five Armies", hits theaters on December 10th. The archer heroine Katniss Everdeen is on the screen from November 20th with the third film adaptation of the "Hunger Games" book series, "Mockingjay Part 1". (dpa)