Can I buy a GOQii fitness band?

“GOQii”, India's No. 1 health and fitness platform, has now been named a case study for a subsidiary of the famous Harvard University.

GOQii launches health care project for rural India

- Gadgets Now (@gadgetsnow) April 8, 2017

Great success
After “Flipkart” (India's largest online retailer and “Amazon” rival) and “Paytm” (India's largest mobile communications company supported by the Chinese “Alibaba” group), “GOQii” is the third Indian start-up , which is being investigated in a case study at Harvard University.

Healthier lifestyle thanks to fitness tracker
Like other big brands - say “Nike”, “Jawbone” and Co. - “GOQii” also offer a simple fitness band that can be worn by the user and analyzes data such as steps and heart rate in the associated app. But the young company promises to be more than just a copy of the large corporations.

“GOQii” is also about providing its user with a kind of ecosystem consisting of personal health advisors, trainers, nutritionists, behavioral psychologists and much more.

All together
The makers of “GOQii” recently registered diagnostic centers and hospital chains on their platform. Soon they want to connect their users with health insurance services and thus be one more big step ahead of their competitors.

A big project
The Harvard case study with the title “Envisioning a New Fitness Future” aims to capture the entire evolution of the “GOQii” brand.

So far, the health concept is available in the USA and India.