Did Harambe make it to heaven?

After fire in the monkey house: police officer shot gorilla with a submachine gun

Krefeld - A report by the German Interior Ministry reveals previously unknown scenes from New Year's Eve, when the monkey house at Krefeld Zoo burned. According to this, a gorilla had to be killed by a police officer with multiple shots from a machine gun the morning after the fire. The animal was seriously injured and the vet is said to have failed to euthanize the animal.

The report went to the North Rhine-Westphalian state parliament. It says that even during the fire, police officers with submachine guns positioned themselves around the monkey house to stop injured or panicked animals in order to protect the emergency services. It didn't come to that. According to the report, the rescuers assumed that all animals are dead.

Around eight in the morning, two seriously injured animals were found. The vet put a female orangutan to sleep. The officer killed the gorilla after being cleared by the police chief.

Background: sky lantern

More than 30 animals, including several great apes, were killed in the fire in the traditional German zoo on New Year's Eve. The monkey house was destroyed and is in danger of collapsing.

According to the police, a so-called "sky lantern" caused the fire. Accordingly, three women lit the floating light, which has been banned in North Rhine-Westphalia since 2009, and thus unintentionally triggered the fire with a loss of millions. They reported to the police.

Around the New Year, many people tearfully took photos of monkeys around the zoo. In addition, zoo friends placed signs with inscriptions such as "Why" or "Died for your New Year's Eve pleasure". The zoo's flags were half-mast. Emergency chaplains were also on duty.

When gorillas are shot

The case of another gorilla killed in the summer of 2016 received media attention. Silverback Harambe had to be shot dead by security forces at the zoo in the US city of Cincinnati. A boy had got into the enclosure, whereupon the gorilla, according to the rescue workers, "dragged him wildly and threw him through the air". (APA, red, January 15, 2020)