Is it bad to repeat yourself

Because of Corona: repeat the school year voluntarily?

Bad internet, bad technology: There are many reasons why home learning doesn't work optimally. Schoolchildren who are poorly technically equipped can currently hardly learn the subject matter optimally. Hanz-Peter Meidinger from the German Teachers' Association fears that up to a fifth of school children could have such deficits as a result of the pandemic that a school year would have to be repeated. He told the FAZ.

Learning deficits can be compensated

So that these children do not have any disadvantages in the coming years, it is discussed whether they should repeat a school year. The German Teachers' Association proposes a voluntary additional school year in which learning groups can work on the missing material. Teachers who have already retired could provide help.

It must be decided on a case-by-case basis, says Jürgen Ronthaler from the Center for Teacher Training and School Research at the University of Leipzig in an interview with MDR JUMP. He says in which situations a school year should be repeated:

If the poor performance is really primarily due to the limitations of the pandemic and not other influences that would recur if they were repeated.

Jürgen Ronthaler, Center for Teacher Training and School Research at the University of Leipzig

Voluntary school year: Too few teachers

If many students were to repeat a school year, it would be difficult to manage. The teachers' union GEW points out that there have been too few teachers for a long time. The Association of Education and Upbringing, however, points out that the individual situation of the learners should be considered. A voluntary repetition should therefore only take place in individual cases.

Voluntary repetition: Allowed in Central Germany

Repeating a school year is possible in Saxony for final classes. This step should then not be counted as a repetition due to non-transfer. How things will continue with learners in other grade levels is still open.

In Saxony-Anhalt, the responsible ministry states that schoolchildren can repeat the year "without this being counted towards the length of stay. The necessary changes to legal regulations will be initiated."

In Thuringia, the state parents' representation writes that the school year can be repeated. For this, however, a corresponding application should have been submitted to the school management by the end of February.