Who provides the mailing lists for BI users


How do you work with mailing lists?

Send email to a list
To send an email to a mailing list, use [email protected] as the target address, where LISTENNAME must be replaced by the name of the mailing list. This is then passed on to all members of the list. If you want to reply to an e-mail sent via the list, most e-mail programs offer the "Reply" and "Reply to all" options. The former only sends the answer to the sender, the latter to the entire list.

Send an email to the list administrator
Every mailing list has an administrator whom you can provide [email protected] where LISTENNAME must be replaced by the name of the mailing list.

Register to a list
On the overview page (ListInfo page) http://lists.uni-due.de/mailman/listinfo, on which all mailing lists can be found, select the one you want to subscribe to.

Enter there under subscribe to Your email address with which you want to add yourself to the list. Now click on the button Subscribe to. You should now receive an email asking you to follow a link. This will take you to the confirmation of your subscription. At this point you can withdraw your entry request (you will find alternative registration options in your e-mail). You will receive more information about your subscription and your password in a welcome email. Please keep this email.

Unsubscribe from a list
You can also unsubscribe from a mailing list. This is done on your personal settings page http://lists.uni-due.de/mailman/options/LISTE/E-Mail
(whereby "LIST" and "E-Mail" have to be replaced by the real name of the list and your e-mail address) by clicking on the button to unsubscribe click.