Why isn't oxfords brogues

What are oxford shoes? The definitive guide

Let's make it really easy for ourselves. Oxford shoes are dress shoes in which the lace eyelets are sewn directly to the upper leather so that the lacing is closed. Look at the picture to better understand it, you will find the connector in red .:

So basically Oxfords are the classic men's shoes, where the lacing is closed. This means that there is not much of the lacing to tie, so it is important that you find the right size for your foot length, but also for the width of your foot. Maybe you still don't see the difference to derby shoes. Then check out our post on the subject: Derby vs Oxford.


Nowadays, oxford shoes can be made from many materials as the term oxfords has no material restriction. This is how you can Oxfords made of any type of leather, but also from Suede or material Find.



Types of oxfords


So we have different types of oxfords depending on the material used, but we also have different types of oxfords depending on the shape of the upper part:



Plain toe oxfords


Probably the kind of oxfords you have on your mind. The plain-tipped Oxfords are the most classic design. Nothing can go wrong with this model.


Wholecut Oxfords


The Wholecut Oxford shoes are considered the typical handmade bespoke shoes. The entire outer structure of the shoes is made from a single piece. It takes skilled artisans to properly make Wholecut Oxfords. One of the most elegant options for choosing men's shoes.


Cap Toe Oxfords


Comparable to the classic model, the Oxford shoe with smooth toe, but with the Cap Toe Oxfords The upper leather is divided into 2 pieces and the one in front, the one above the toes, is called the cap-toe piece. It's about taste. This separation allows you to have two tones on these two pieces, creating a two tone oxford shoe.


Wingtip Oxfords


The Wingtip shoes are the most stylish choice. Your top is in the shape of 2 wings. It is usually associated with broguing, but it is not required. You can also see wingtip shoes without broguing, like in this picture:


Brogue oxfords


Usually very related to the shape of the wingtip tip, they are Brogue oxfords one of the most stylish choices. They are known for their typical hole decoration (broguing), and they are available in full, half and quarter brogue. They are also provided with a medallion, these are additional perforations above the toe.



"Oxfords instead of brogues"


If you've seen the movie Kingsman, you'll probably remember the quote in which Harry Hart gave his protégé Eggsy this advice: "Oxfords instead of brogues". What does this quote mean?

We wanted to explain it, but then we saw this video from The Kavalier and it would take us over 5000 additional words to explain it in a similar way. It also talks about the difference between oxfords and derby shoes, so it's perfect. Enjoy it:


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