Is the taurine in energy drinks vegan

Is Red Bull actually vegan?

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Is Red Bull actually vegan? The energy drink manufacturer advertises that its products would give "wings". But are animals exploited or even killed for this?

The question of whether the Red Bull energy drinks are vegan is not unjustified. After all, many of the manufacturer's beverages contain the substance taurine, which is also found in animal products such as meat. This also applies to energy drinks from other manufacturers.

For a long time, vegans speculated about whether Red Bull was actually vegan or vegetarian.

In the meantime, Red Bull has announced on the website that the energy drink is ... vegetarian ... So Red Bull only answers the question of whether Red Bull energy drinks vegetarian are.

Veggie statement from Red Bull on the energy drink (screenshot)

The wording is there (as of April 21, 2021):

Yes, Red Bull Energy Drink is suitable for vegetarians, because only ingredients of non-animal origin are used for the Red Bull Energy Drink.

There is no mention of "vegan" here, but the fact that only ingredients of "non-animal" origin are used suggests that Red Bull is vegan. At least the energy drink.

Many companies use terms such as "plant based" because they have prejudices against the term "vegan" or suspect such prejudices in their own target group. But sometimes also because z. B. animal additives can be used that do not have to be declared.

According to the list of ingredients and the statement on the manufacturer's website, it can be assumed that Red Bull is vegan. At least that's how we would classify it according to the Pareto principle.

Animal testing for lifestyle drink?

However, several animal welfare organizations point out that Red Bull is said to have financially supported animal experiments in the past. The "Doctors Against Animal Experiments" describe in a statement from 2007 experiments with rats that sound simply cruel.

But even if Red Bull has probably stopped this support and loudly invokes legal requirements against the blog vegan4love, we still lack a clear position against animal testing.

In our opinion, these are pure lifestyle drinks and nothing that should be in any way related to animal testing (neither directly nor indirectly).

According to the list of ingredients, Red Bull's energy drinks may be vegan. But morally we find the behavior in the past extremely uncool and not a bit inspiring.

The good news is: In a healthy vegan diet you don't need any "energy drinks" from energy-hungry tin cans. But since you probably already knew this, just decide for yourself how you invest your money.

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Author: Kilian Thirty