How many people still look at friends

We are the curve! : Still meeting in private is dangerously selfish

As if there was no time horizon, no hope, confidence, or prospects, that's how many people privately treat their corona risks. "It's enough now," is the refrain of many private groups.

Invitations are made to dinners, family celebrations, visits to neighbors in the living room. You have to celebrate birthdays again, sit together a bit, resume the Skat evening, watch an exciting series with friends.

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"That is an exception! Only today! ", People assert, if they even talk about how they act, and if you ask them why they act like that at all. Who is not here, throw the first stone.

What, just three pebbles? Well Well, the son is really only allowed to set up a racetrack with school friends in the nursery on Tuesday. The relatives can stop by for an hour with tea and cake. We know each other! Wasn't your cousin recently tested negative, doesn't your brother-in-law rarely go to the office anyway? And yesterday's six guests all have to do with each other more often anyway. We have that in view, we have that under control.

The curve is the result of the sum of the exceptions

Well, and then one or the other leaves the house as a singular corona incubator and transforms the singular into a plural as a spreader, while he transmits a virus to others that is now better combated, since the vaccination here too, with all setbacks , noticeably picking up speed.

This is how, it is to be assumed, the rising curves of the statistics arise, which in the morning on the radio and in the evening on television cause amazement and frightening.

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Unheard of! Again a stronger "infection occurrence", although we all do without shopping and choir rehearsals, to the cinema, opera, fitness studios, cosmetic salons! As the? So that. This is exactly the result of the egotistical exception, called only-I or only-we. It is an illusion. We are the curve.

The curve is the result of the sum of the exceptions with which measures are disregarded. What is ignored is how sensational, despite all the blunders and mishaps, the progress that is visibly and daily builds up with the vaccination.

There is a time horizon, a year ago that was anything but clear. Many societies in the pandemic have now arrived on the last few meters before returning to the familiar.

Roulette with health

Even if the last stage should extend until late summer or early autumn: The exceptional roulette is and remains an anti-social game with health, both your own and that of others.

Corona patience is still required for a little while. People in countries like ours have it damn good, with an inclusive and highly developed system of health insurance, with excellent practices and clinics and security that is seldom seen in the world.

We live in a country where vaccines are being developed and where hundreds of experts are well-equipped to work on strategies to curb, tame and overcome a pandemic.

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The majority of all people on earth live differently. It used to be said: finally eat your kohlrabi - others in the world would be happy if they had anything to eat at all. That sounds like moral talk.

Shouldn't one criticize anything anymore? No no. All who want and can do their best to criticize, argue, make demands, denounce corruption, question statements, expose conspiracy nonsense, compare information.

But you shouldn't feed the fantasy that you have nothing to do with the curve if you label yourself and yours with the label “exception” in a global event in which each and every group matters. So much for the day of the week. And every other day, without exception.

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