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Vehicle registration: now also online

Cars can also be registered, re-registered and deregistered on the Internet. This is how vehicle registration works online.

  • A new identity card with an eID online function is required

  • Vehicle registration and letter must have hidden security codes

  • Payment is made online with a debit or credit card

Digitization in the admission offices: Both theFirst registration as well as theTransferred to a new holder are possible over the Internet. This internet-based vehicle registration *, i-Kfz for short, supplements the de-registration and re-registration of cars via the internet. However, so far only about two thirds of the admission offices offer a comprehensive range of online admission in their internet portals.

Online admission is currently only available for general characteristics possible. For all others, such as seasonal license plates and so-called E-license plates, with which drivers of electric cars have advantages when parking, for example, this is not yet possible.

You need this for online admission

In order to be able to use the online service, certain requirements must be met: The vehicle owner needs one for all processesnew identity card with activated eID online function * andassociated PIN. In addition, a card reader or, alternatively, a smartphone with a free ID app *. Second, the registration certificates (vehicle registration and vehicle registration documents) must have a concealed security code * that must be scratched off. This has been the case with Part I of the registration certificate since 2015, with Part II since 2018.

This is how admission works

in theOnline portal You must first identify yourself to the local admissions authority: with the help of your new identity card or your electronic residence permit. So it goes in the case of oneFirst registration further: Enter the vehicle identification number VIN and then the security code on the registration certificate part II (vehicle registration document) - you must reveal this beforehand. You will then need the eVB number of the insurance company as proof of vehicle liability and account details for collecting vehicle tax.

Now you can select the next free license plate or enter your preferred license plate. After the application data has been automatically checked, you pay usingePayment, for example with Giropay or a credit card. Which means of payment is accepted depends on the IT of the respective admission office.

After all entries have been confirmed, the application will be checked by a clerk at the licensing authority. Then the approval notice and certificates, stamp sticker carriers and theBadge holder for the general inspection (HU) to stick on the license plate sent to you by post. After the sticker has been attached to the license plate, you can drive off.

Deregistration and transfer

In thesigning off of a vehicle, in official German decommissioning, proceed as follows: Enter the vehicle registration number and theexposed security codesthe registration certificate part I (vehicle registration) as well as the license plate number. If the vehicle is later to be registered again with the same license plate in the same registration district, the license plate can be reserved. Then payment of the fee via an ePayment system, verification and confirmation of the application. After a positive check of the data, the confirmation of the cancellation can be called up online.

At aOnline description with change of owner as well as for a re-registration the following documents are required: registration certificate part I and part II with a hidden security code, an eVB no. (electronic confirmation of insurance), proof of a valid general inspection, IBAN for debiting the vehicle tax.

Important: At theReadmission the registration certificate part II is only required if the holder is changed at the same time.

Online approval: that's what the service costs

ThePrices respectively fees arenationwide uniform: Decommissioning, colloquially de-registration, is cheaper than at the registration office - it costs 5.70 instead of 6.90 euros online. Other processes via the Internet cost a little more than on site at the admission office: the fee for admission is 27.90 instead of 27 euros and the transfer to another admission area is 28.20 instead of 27 euros.

The Federal Ministry of Transport refers to material and personnel costs in the Online processing. For example, for creating cover letters so that users of the new service know what to do. In return, drivers save themselves the trip to the registration office, which is often associated with long waiting times, especially in metropolitan areas. Since the registration certificate part II is to be sent as registered mail or post delivery certificate, there is an additional fee of 10.20 euros in these cases.

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