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Test: Gloryfy has recently made a name for itself on the cycling market with the “Unbreakable” and Made in Austria seal of approval. All glasses in the Unbreakable series should have an unbreakable frame, lenses and temples. We didn't go that far in our tests, of course, but we can still confirm that the Gloryfy G9 XTR Blue made an extremely stable and robust impression.

Gloryfy G9 XTR Blue - glass

The frameless design of the G9 XTR gives you a generous field of vision and is in no way restricted. In addition, this means that hardly any air accumulates under the glasses and thus ensures good ventilation. The Contour Lens technology provides a high-contrast and color-fast view that delivers a solid performance. The glass is unfortunately a bit poorly coated, which is why it is very difficult for water and dirt to roll off and can quickly obstruct the view. Another feature of the glass should even influence performance, because the blue light is not filtered as with conventional glasses, which should have a positive effect on the performance of the body. Unfortunately we didn't feel much of this effect, but maybe it will help someone.

Gloryfy G9 XTR Blue - Fit

One of the lightest materials on the market was chosen for the frame. Nevertheless, the entire Unbreakable range guarantees unbreakable frames, lenses and temples made of NBFX, which are supposed to protect cyclists during sport when it matters. The so-called memory effect of the frame allows the glasses to return to their original shape again and again. The nose pads and side bars can be adjusted as usual and are generally quite comfortable to wear. However, the glasses seem a bit unstable and do not sit perfectly on the head.


Gloryfy G9 XTR Blue - Packaging & Accessories

From a design point of view, the Gloryfy G9 XTR Blue is something different, which also runs through the packaging, presentation and homepage of the brand. When it comes to accessories, you have to be content with a microfiber cloth and soft case.

Conclusion: Gloryfy G9 XTR Blue

The Gloryfy G9 XTR Blue initially promises a very good concept, which, however, fails a little in the implementation and therefore has to lose a few points at all levels. The wide field of vision and your high-contrast image are among the highlights of a rather mixed performance.