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There are a few rules to be observed in volleyball, otherwise you can easily give away points. (Just click to enlarge)

Volleyball is a ball sport and is one of the Setback games. The game principle of these sports is based on the fact that two sides play a piece of equipment - in this case volleyball - until a mistake occurs when accepting or serving. In volleyball, the ball goes through the Cooperation between the members of a volleyball team via a centrally stretched net played to the other side of the field.

Basic volleyball rules - in a nutshell

Volleyball rules as PDF

The basic rules of volleyball

The basic rules of volleyball are from that Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) Are defined. These state that there are two teams with six players each face each other on the field of play. It is the goal that Ball over the net to the other side to play. The team playing the ball receives a point if the volleyball either touches the floor of the opposing half of the field or the receiving team hits one error commits. This is the case, for example, if the ball can be accepted, but afterwards ends up abroad.

In volleyball, it is also important that the volleyball is within a Sequence of a maximum of three ball contacts must be played back. If a team touches the ball four times in a row or more, the team receives the opposing team one point.

How are the points counted in volleyball?

To a Winning volleyball match, must be a team win three sentences for yourself. To one Win sentence, is it necessary to get 25 pointsbefore the opposing team succeeds. However, the set can only be won if the difference between the two teams has reached the 25-point mark is at least two points. For example, if it is 24:25, will continued to play for so longuntil a team can pull away from the opposing team with two points.

If the course of the game leads to it after the sentences 2: 2 stands, takes place - as in tennis - the so-called Tie break. The fifth set is then played as part of the tie-break as long as up to a team 15 points and at the same time one Two points ahead has reached.

Fixed rotation rules, starting grid and blocking

In volleyball, the players rotate in a fixed order. (Just click to enlarge)

Volleyball rotation rules

Whenever a team does Service game captured by the opposing team, stands a Rotation movement of all players. The team can win the service by scoring a point or by the opposing team making a mistake. Each player then advances clockwise one position further. There are two rows With three players each on the fieldwith the middle player in each row a little further ahead than the other players in that row. In the front row there are positions two, three and four. In the back row are positions one, five and six.

Playing positions in volleyball

The service is always carried out by the player in position number one. With the rotation, the responsibility for the serve changes and each player is responsible for it once. However, the team must do this according to the given numbers only when serving take in.

As soon as the ball has been played by the serving team member, the players are allowed to spread out on the field. This is important in that every player suitable for special tasks depending on his stature is. For example, may only players in positions 2, 3 and 4 block the ball. Large and sturdy players are best suited for this.

Other players, on the other hand, specialize in the Ball through a pass for their teammates. The pass from above with hands stretched upwards is called "planking", while the pass from below with crossed hands is called "digging".

Which actions are to be classified as errors?

The most common sources of error: The off & multiple touches

An error leads to the Point to the opposing team goes. One of the most common mistakes is playing volleyball out of bounds or the fact that that Team touches the ball more than three times. A player is also never allowed to touch the ball twice in a row. For example, if a player has accepted the ball, one of his teammates must take the second stroke.

If the team to serve plays the ball straight out of bounds, then the mistake is on their side and the opposing team gets one point. The ball did, however accepted by the other team and then ends up out of bounds, the fault lies with them. A simple touch of the team with the ball counts as "accepted". Therefore, one should always make a good estimate of whether the served ball is going out and it is better not to touch it in the first place or not.

Further misconduct & exceptions

If you make a mistake in volleyball, the opposing team gets one point.

In addition, there is also an error if a player holding the ballinstead of hitting or fisting him. In normal volleyball, the ball must not be kicked either. In beach volleyball, which generally has slightly different rules, this is already allowed. Unless a team is there failed, due to the Rotation principle to position correctlythis is also considered an error. In addition, this leads Crossing the baseline on service to a point loss. You can find volleyball equipment & accessories here, for example markt.de.

Some mistakes are easy to spot, others are not ...

Sometimes it is while watching a volleyball game pretty easy to see a point loss, for example when the Ball simply on the ground after being touched lands. On the other hand, whether a ball was out of bounds or not can quickly spark a discussion between the players and the referee, especially with balls that are played particularly quickly. Even decisions by the referee that the volleyball was touched too long are often questioned by the players concerned. In addition, are some errors only with careful observation of the game, for example in the case of unauthorized blocking of a player or a slight reach over the network.

What are the differences between the rules for volleyball and beach volleyball?

There are some differences in the rules between indoor volleyball and beach volleyball.

First of all, in beach volleyball, unlike indoor volleyball, the following applies everyone can take the ball. There are no positional or rotational errors here. Besides, that counts first blocks as a ball touch, then only two more ball contacts are possible before the ball has to be played over the net again. There is also a difference when it comes to serving: When the ball is in beach volleyball touches the net while servingdoes not count as a mistake. Plank beds is also only at right angles to the shoulder axis allowed, except when a player wants to play the ball to one of his teammates.

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