How to Download Medical WordPress Themes

Find a suitable WordPress theme

Good website content is important for visitors and therefore for search engines. Just as important is a good layout that fits the theme of a website, appeals to visitors and guides them through a website in a user-friendly way.

On a WordPress site, the part that determines the layout is called the “theme”. A theme exists independently of the content such as texts and images on a website.

If such a theme cannot be coded completely by yourself and it should not be commissioned individually, are ready-made WordPress themes a good alternative. A finished theme can be used as it comes from. But it can also be adapted to your own ideas - depending on which functions it brings and / or which skills are available in coding.

There are thousands of ready-made WP themes in very high and less high quality. There are countless free theme offers and even more premium themes. The agony of choice can be powerfully time consuming. Theme shopping can be fun. When you know what you need and which criteria should be observed.

Free or Premium Theme

For personal websites and bloggers are free themes a good choice. As a rule, these themes do not have an excessive number of functions on board, so that if necessary they have to be upgraded with plugins. Since themes can be changed at will in the WordPress backend, it is also possible to try out different themes.
Free themes should be downloaded directly from provides guidelines for good open source themes and reviews every theme. There is no entitlement to support for free themes. There is a support forum for each theme, which can be reached from the theme page.

In addition to a free theme on, some theme authors also offer a paid pro version. If you decide to do so, not only the intensive development work is rewarded. At the same time, the range of functions of your own WP site is expanded and you receive support for any problems that arise. A selection of Theme Pro versions can be found at

Premium themes are characterized by an extensive range of functions. This usually includes ready-made page types (e.g. portfolio), preparation for certain plugins (e.g. shop, multilingualism), a professional design and clean code. Regular updates, fast support from the developer and good documentation add value to a premium theme.

Multipurpose themes

In addition to thematic premium themes (e.g. magazine, business, yoga), a large number of multipurpose themes are offered on the marketplaces. The bestsellers among the multipurpose themes are currently names such as Avada, Enfold or X-Theme.
The decision for a multipurpose theme has far-reaching consequences for the design and any desired expansion of a WordPress website. The most important differences between standard themes and multipurpose themes are explained in this article by the Netzialists, which is well worth reading.

Well-known platforms and providers of premium themes:

What to look for when choosing a theme

Reviews and downloads

Always look at the rating of a theme. Pay attention not only to the number of stars but also to the number of ratings. Read a few reviews, including 1 or 2 star reviews. The following is important for your assessment: what was the reason for the low rating here.
The number of active installations and downloads says something about the popularity of a theme and thus about the quality.

Last update

Themes should be updated regularly. The main focus is on adapting to the current WordPress version or security updates. If the last update was more than half a year ago or is not compatible with the latest WordPress version, you should cross the theme off the list.

Layout and pictures

The theme demo page shows a completely set up theme filled with colorful images. This is how the theme will be with you after installation Notlook, because the demo images and texts are not included in the download. You will use your own pictures and texts. Take a look at the division of the theme and try to imagine what your website could look like with this theme.

Responsive design for mobile devices

Responsive design ensures that the website is displayed correctly on all devices (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.). Responsive design is a must, because more and more people are surfing with mobile devices. Google also rates responsive websites significantly better in mobile search results. Check whether the theme you want is optimized for mobile devices. One possibility is the “Test for Optimization for Mobile Devices” by Google. Enter the browser address of the theme live demo there, you will get a result immediately.

What functions does your website need

Don't choose a theme based on the number of features. Themes that advertise with many functions and settings to cover almost every topic often appear overloaded. It can be time consuming to navigate through the settings.

You should also consider changing the topic later, for whatever reason. All content created via the theme is lost when you change the theme. For example, if a theme provides contact forms and portfolio contributions, this content must be restored using other tools after a theme change. Shortcodes that come with a theme and which of course no longer work after a change are also very popular.
It should therefore be weighed up which functions a theme should definitely bring and which functions are better off with a (well-maintained) plugin in the long term.

Make a note of your requirements for your theme, for example:

  • Do you want to change colors and fonts?
  • Is navigation sufficient for your website?
  • How many columns should your website have?
  • Do you want the site to be multilingual?
  • Are you planning an online shop?

Note the loading times of the pages

Functionally upgraded premium themes can under certain circumstances affect the loading times of a website. Other factors can also have a negative impact on performance. Therefore, the loading time of a theme should be tested before buying, e.g. with the Pingdom tool. Copy the browser address of the theme demo page and paste it into the “URL” field on the Pingdom Speed ​​Test.

Support and Documentation

With premium themes, support is a must. Take a look at the period for which support is available. The language may also be important; support is usually in English.
See if there is a theme documentation that can help you over setting hurdles.

In case the money is wasted

Most paid themes can only be tried out after purchase and download. Therefore, it may not be unimportant whether a money-back guarantee is offered.

And what does a premium theme cost?

There are various premium models, such as single themes or theme bundles, one-off costs or annual fees. The price range goes from 20 to 200 euros. Many themes can be purchased for around 50 euros. In addition to the range of functions, the difference lies primarily in the support period and the theme updates provided. If the theme is to be kept up to date, a fee will be charged again after the period has expired.
A nice, functional and up-to-date theme that is easy to get along with should be worth the fee and reward the developers' extensive work.

How to install your WordPress theme

After you have decided on a theme, the installation of the theme follows.

Free themes from the platform you can easily install in the backend.
- Go to Design> Themes.
- Click on the “Add” button above.
- Enter the name of your theme in the search mask.
- Click on the “Install” button on the screenshot of the theme
- Then activate the theme (button “Activate”)

Premium themes download it as a .zip file and save it on your computer. Install the ZIP via the WordPress backend.
- Go to Design> Themes.
- Click on the “Add” button above, then on “Upload theme”.
- Use the “Browse” button to select your zip file.
- Then click on the “Install” button
- Then activate the theme using the “Activate” button on the screenshot of your theme

Sometimes the ZIP of a premium theme is so extensive that the installation stops. In this case, unzip the ZIP on your computer and upload the theme folder to the wp-content / themes folder on your server via FTP. For this you need your FTP access data and an FTP program such as FileZilla.

There are a number of criteria to consider when choosing a suitable WordPress theme. Take your time searching and weigh up. I hope this post will help you make a decision. If you are looking for help with a topic search and / or advice on the functions you need for your website, I will be happy to assist you. Use our contact form or give us a call.

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