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Kana:角 都
Reading:カ ク ズ
Date of birth:15th of August
Star sign:lion
Age:Part 2: 91 years
Size:Part 2: 185 cm
Weight:Part 2: 63.2 kg
Blood type:A.
Bounty hunter
Place of residence:None available
Ninja ID:
Team:With Hidan
First appearance:

Volume 35
Chapter 312
Episode 291

Speaker:Ben Hecker
Seiyū:Takaya Hashi

Kakuzu is a member of Akatsuki and the partner of Hidan. He seems to have been a member of Akatsuki for a long time, as he has had several different partners, each of whom, except for Hidan, has been killed by Kakuzu's own hand. He is also one of the oldest characters in history so far.


Kakuzu is greedy, stingy, and easy to get angry. His actions are based on the profit he can make. In this way he avoids getting into situations from which he cannot derive any benefit, which is why he also works as a bounty hunter. He even says that only the money is of real value to him and that he would even go down to hell for it, since it is probably even driven by the money. He claims to be the treasurer of Akatsuki.[1] His almost amicable relationship with the person who pays him bounties suggests that this is Kakuzu's main source of income. These additional earnings and the associated time expenditure often lead to disputes with his partner.

Contrary to his compulsive behavior and his quick temper, Kakuzu is much more cautious compared to Hidan. He often warns his partner not to neglect cover and if Hidan does, he will be rudely pointed out to his misconduct and, if possible, teased. Despite his stubbornness, he is still willing to take orders. So he leaves the battlefield on Pain's instructions, even though he actually wants to collect Asuma Sarutobi's bounty, although he threatens to get the corpse later. However, when Kakuzu gets angry, it happens that he forgets the real goals of the organization. For example, in his anger he wants to kill Naruto Uzumaki, although the Bijū must be caught alive for Akatsuki's ritual.



Many years ago, when the great ninja villages were founded, Kakuzu is an elite shinobi of the Takigakure village. At that time he was given the secret assignment to murder the Hokage. This mission fails because he is powerless against the powerful mokuton jutsu of the First Hokage. When he returned to Takigakure, he was despised in the village and subjected to severe punishment, although he had tried everything and it was known that it was almost impossible to carry out this mission successfully. After slowly recovering from the punishments imposed on him and realizing that despite his loyalty to his village he has been so badly betrayed, he decides to flee his prison in order to get revenge on the people who did this to him. When he escapes from Takigakure, he takes one of the village's most secret and forbidden jutsu, Jiongu, with him and with it the hearts of the elders of the village council.[2]

Kakuzu and Akatsuki

Of all Akatsuki members, Kakuzu and Hidan show the greatest mutual dislike, the concerns of one seem to annoy rather than interest the other. They often throw nasties at each other, where Kakuzu usually has the better timing. Hidan is mainly upset by Kakuzu's greed and blasphemous behavior, while Kakuzu detests Hidan's religion and says that the elaborate rituals are a waste of time. [3] Furthermore, Kakuzu seems to be bothered by Hidan's language and martial arts, as Kakuzu repeatedly admonishes his partner to be careful. The real reason the two of them team up is because Kakuzu can't get rid of Hidan. Because of his quick temper, Kakuzu randomly killed anyone who came near him at the wrong time. Since Hidan is immortal, this is not possible with him. [4] Over time, Kakuzu even begins to develop a certain love-hate relationship with his partner, simply because he has to come to terms with the facts. However, he has made it a personal goal to find a way to circumvent this "small" inconvenience and should be successful in sending Hidan to Hell with the greatest pleasure.

The team in battle

He attacks his partner

Although Hidan and Kakuzu often quarrel, they work perfectly together. They have even developed special attacks that take advantage of Hidan's invulnerability and can put the enemy in great distress. For example, Hidan involves the opponent in close combat, while Kakuzu can strike with his widespread elemental attacks without having to take his partner into consideration.

Kakuzu's end

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Kakuzu and his partner appear for the first time on the hunt for Yugito Nii, the Jinchūriki of the Nibi. Yugito allows her pursuers to push her into a corner to set a trap for them. However, she loses the fight against the two. The two then set out to look for Naruto.[5]

They stop at the Fire Temple and kill Chiriku for his bounty, whereupon Konoha becomes aware of them and sends teams after them. [6] In the course of the following arguments, Asuma Sarutobi is killed, but Akatsuki is able to escape. Moved by vengeance, Shikamaru sets out with a team and confronts them again. He manages to defeat Hidan single-handedly and Kakashi can destroy five hearts with the help of Naruto Kakuzu and thus kill him. His body is then taken to Konoha for an autopsy.

Fourth ninja world war

Kakuzu, like the other deceased members of Akatsuki, is resurrected by Kabuto Yakushi through Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei to fight the Shinobi alliance alongside Madara Uchiha and his Zetsu army. He is confronted with Team 10 and cut up by Kotetsu and Izumo with the giant kunai. Later it will be sealed.

Skills and Jutsu

Here you can clearly see where the individual body parts can be separated

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Kakuzu is a very strong and skilled fighter with unusual talents of his own. He is a medium-range specialist and is able to quickly adapt to and outmaneuver his opponents' attacks. The jiongu, the secret jutsu that he stole, has a decisive influence on his fighting tactics:

Its body structure is made up of hundreds of thick black fibers that can shoot out of its flesh anywhere. These fibers hold his body together, which actually only consists of individual parts, like threads of a rag doll, and take over all body functions. Due to this ability, he can sever parts of his body and thus carry out physical attacks even at a great distance, since the black tissue forms an extension of his own body. Or he uses the tendrils directly as an attack weapon or to tie up the enemy. In addition, he can inject the tendrils into foreign bodies, where they perform the same function to a lesser extent, as happened with Hidan's head, which can be sewn on again thanks to the threads.[7]

Furthermore, it is possible for him to incorporate the hearts and probably also other parts of the body or organs of other people and to integrate them into the black tissue. Kakuzu keeps the hearts in animal-like masks on his back. The strange hearts not only lengthen his life and explain his near immortality, but also enable him to use the chakra affinity of the original owner. Only when all hearts are destroyed does he die. Aside from his own heart, Kakuzu himself has four other hearts, which is the maximum of how many he can carry in total. Each of these hearts enables him to use a different element and is illustrated by the respective mask.

Furthermore, he can shape the fibers in combination with the heart into independent beings, which consist entirely of the black tissue. They take on a vaguely animal-like shape and act completely independently. In order to stay alive, each of the creatures needs one of the hearts, whose elementary powers they can then use. They continue to wear them in the masks. If the creature's heart is hit, it melts, if it is damaged by Kakuzu himself, if he dies, all other hearts should be outside his body.

The individual masks with the associated creatures:

Kakuzu's arm becomes invulnerable
  • Fire - A white mask with red lips and a squat, two-footed body. The entity can merge with the air creature and combine the elemental attacks.
  • Wind - A mask with blue lines on the cheeks and a strange four-legged body with thin, wing-like protrusions. Your attacks can be combined with the fire mask.
  • Blitz - A mask with horns and a yellow nose, with an extremely narrow, bipedal body, but with very broad shoulders. Your attacks use the power of electricity.
  • Water - The fourth mask with the light blue ring around the eye is destroyed by Kakashi HatakesRaikiri before it can be shown and the creature, which resembles the fire entity, dissolves immediately. It is not certain that this heart has an affinity for water jutsu, but some facts speak for it.
  • Earth - Since the elements of all four masks are already known, one can assume that Kakuzu's heart, which he carries in his body, has the affinity for earth chakra and enables him to harden his body in order to protect himself.Since he still uses the technology (Doton: Domu) even after the fourth mask has been destroyed, there are some arguments in favor of it.

Skills parameters

Kakuzu's ability parameter looks like this:


  • The first kanji in his name (角) stands for Kakugyō, the runner in the Shogi.
  • The Sha's scriptures state that he calls himself "Akatsuki's wallet" because he procures the funds for Akatsuki himself.
  • According to the writings of the Sha
    • he is impatient and meticulous
    • skinny Liver sashimi and Monkfish liver
    • skinny Yōkan with chestnuts is not
    • if he wants to fight someone with a high bounty
    • is his favorite saying "Prevention is better than aftercare!"
    • it is his hobby to read old writings
  • What is inherently his chakra affinity is unknown, as well as whether he was able to use his own chakra affinity at all after changing his heart. However, Kakuzu used both Suiton and Doton in the anime when he only had a heart in his body, but whether one of the two or even both elements belong to his chakra affinity is also unclear.
  • Like other members of Akatsuki, he paints his fingernails. Its color is brown.
  • Apparently Kakuzu knew the King Kyōdai.[9]


  • "You can only trust money." To Hidan and Zetsu, Chapter 314
  • "Wait. I count the money. "- To Hidan, Chapter 320
  • "Be careful, otherwise you will be dead." To Hidan, Chapter 314
  • "Very smart ... Unlike my partner ..." - To Shikamaru, Chapter 333
  • "So, I'll take your heart!" To Kakashi, Chapter 336
  • "Whenever I have a problem, I immediately get murderous." To the corpse dealer, Chapter 322