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Danger recognized, not averted

2 PEOPLE AND OPINIONS Parliament - No. 27-28 - July 01, 2019 GUEST COMMENTS RIGHT RIGHT RISK UNDERESTIMATED? Fatal poor eyesight PRO gnutie Z renilre B / gnil ö r Fiek M © Markus Decker, Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland There can be no more doubt after the murder of Walter Lübcke: Right-wing extremism in Germany has long been underestimated with fatal consequences . There may be one or the other partially understandable reason for this. The most serious reason is undoubtedly Islamist terrorism after the devastating attacks of September 11, 2001. It claimed thousands of lives and looked like a war attack, the defense of which tied up enormous resources and a great deal of attention. The other reasons, however, are less honorable. When the National Socialist Underground (NSU) was blown up on November 4, 2011, it was found that the security authorities had poor eyesight in the right eye. Yes, the right-wing extremist threat extends right into the security authorities. Furthermore - this is what constitutional protectors in the federal and state governments are now saying - there is increasing overlap between the middle class and the radicals from the far right. The latter have recently increasingly believed that they are executing the will of the majority in the context of the refugee crisis. Conversely, ordinary people like in Chemnitz were not afraid to take to the streets with Heil Hitler shouters. According to official figures, there are 12,700 right-wing extremists who are prepared to use violence, 34 of whom are considered to be dangerous in the narrower sense of the word. At some point, however, the aforementioned overlaps towards the center are no longer manageable. It is important to counter this with all of your might. Walter Lübcke's death should really be reason enough. would have underestimated the danger. Especially when a politically motivated murder shakes the republic as much as that of the Kassel district president Walter Lübcke. The question of whether the offense could have been prevented must be answered clearly in the course of the investigation. And then it is necessary to draw conclusions if necessary. Without a doubt, the authorities were blind to the right eye in the NSU series of murders. What is more, the security services deliberately investigated in the wrong direction at the time, failed to merge information and destroyed files. Ever since investigative committees uncovered this, of course, everyone has known that right-wing terror is not in the fairy tale book. The danger is real and it has increased. Numerous large raids against right-wing extremists and the exposure of violent groups in Saxony show that it is now being taken seriously by the authorities. Much has also happened with the structure of the services. The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution has been strengthened for the fight against right-wing extremism, the flow of information between authorities has been improved and the joint “right-wing anti-terrorism center” has been set up and expanded. The authorities have the scene in their sights. However, this does not mean that they are free from errors. There is also no complete protection against right-wing extremist violence. Therefore, readjustments must always be made. Especially when it comes to analytical skills and the challenge posed by social networks. Rights are also organized digitally today, no longer just conspiratorially in back rooms. The perpetrators don't leave any letters of confession behind. The scene in sight CONTRA It is easy to say that the authorities nhor K © Hagen Strauss, »Saarbrücker Zeitung« More about the topic of the week on pages 1 to 3. 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Since the NSU's self-exposure, we have recorded a number of attempted and completed homicides. I ask these numbers regularly, they are increasing. At the same time, more and more right-wing motivated acts are taking place using weapons and explosives. Almost every week ammunition, weapons and finished pipe bombs are found among so-called Reich citizens and organized rights-holders. We also know that racist killers like Brenton Tarrant, the assassin of Christ Church, are revered in the scene and that people are inspired by their actions. Right-wing terror has a history of decades in Germany. So far it has mainly been directed against migrants and political opponents. Now a representative of the state is affected. Do we have a new quality? We have the wrong definition of terror. Right-wing terrorism was not rated as terrorism and was therefore not persecuted to the same extent because the basic assumption always existed that politically motivated violence was directed against the state and its institutions. Migrants, the homeless, non-right young people, people with disabilities were individualized as victims of such acts of violence. It was not recognized that they were attacked, injured or killed on behalf of minority groups in society, and that this was an attack on democracy and the rule of law as well as on the inalienable values ​​of our constitution. The situation is like when an official representative of an authority comes into focus. The alleged perpetrator Stephan E. had been known for years as a dangerous right-wing extremist, but in the end he was no longer on the authorities' radar - almost like in the case of the Breitscheidplatz assassin Anis Amri. And it's going to be like Amri's. I dare to make a prognosis: soon it will be said that the version that he was last noticed in 2009 is no longer tenable. It will turn out that he and his environment were still under surveillance by various authorities later. He had been part of the extreme right-wing scene in Kassel since the early 1990s and was in close contact with leaders of the armed neo-Nazi organization “Combat 18”. The version currently advocated is an unsuitable attempt to divert attention from the responsibilities of the authorities. Do you see a failure of the security authorities? And if so, how can it be explained? “Combat 18” is one of the best enlightened structures because it is the most dangerous European right-wing terrorist organization. One can assume a massive use of intelligence resources. Possibly for this reason, when the parent organization “Blood and Honor” was banned in 2000, “Combat 18” was not also banned because this would have meant that intelligence agents would have become the focus of the security authorities. would be sufficient. This could also be the reason why the protection of human sources is rated higher than the requirement to disclose information obtained in this context. This corresponds to the fact that corresponding files of the Hessian NSU investigative committee are blocked for 120 years. »The numbers are increasing« MARTINA RENNER The left-wing interior expert urges more decisive action against the right-wing extremist scene in Germany © So security authorities are more careful with such networks than they should because they have sources there that want to keep them? It is exactly like that. After the “Blood and Honor” ban in 2000, there were repeated attempts by the law enforcement authorities to prosecute people who were suspected of continuing the banned organization. All of these proceedings have petered out, despite overwhelming evidence. One always had the feeling: A protective hand is being held over “Blood and Honor”, ​​over “Combat 18”. It is said that private initiatives to educate the right-wing extremist scene are often better informed than the constitutional protection. He then counters by pointing out that such groups are not subject to the same restrictions. Right? I can really only laugh at this excuse.The constitutional protection authorities have unbelievable powers to intervene deeply in fundamental rights, to take covert measures, and to hold no one accountable. No, you just have to acknowledge that anti-fascist initiatives and investigative journalists have gained insights over many years that make it possible to assess the context of such a terrible event as the murder of Walter Lübcke within a very short time. zen in which the alleged perpetrator moved. The Office for the Protection of the Constitution cannot do this because it does not think in networks, because it protects its sources, because it has no idea of ​​the current danger of legal terror. Allegedly, Walter Lübcke was already on a list of opponents of the NSU with 10,000 names in 2011? I don't remember that from the NSU files, nor do others. It can be right, it doesn't have to be. Did this NSU list get the appropriate public attention at the time? No. It was a detail of the Enlightenment that took a back seat in the face of much more pressing issues. The list only became an issue later, when the impression arose that such lists are taking on a new meaning again in the current right-wing terror. There was such a thing in the past, but now it is taking on a highly organized form. Through spying measures and access to service computers, information is obtained from which such lists are created. In the Interior Committee, however, the Federal Public Prosecutor's Office has so far taken the view that such lists should not be taken so seriously because they are not overwritten with the word “death list”. In addition, the high number of names collected gives rise to doubts that concrete attacks are being prepared. So far it has not been the rule for the police to inform those affected about such lists? No, and I find that negligent. If they were informed, those affected could contribute their own perceptions that would advance the investigation. Incidentally, anyone who comes into the focus of such right-wing terror groups should have the right to be informed. What does the state have to do after the murder of Walter Lübcke? We need a ban on "Combat 18". The scene needs to be disarmed. We have to educate the networks and hold possible accomplices and supporters to account - also in retrospect, for example at the NSU. There are still nine other accused waiting for the indictment. In addition, the mobile counseling projects against right-wing extremism and the victim counseling centers must be funded. permanent The interview was conducted by Winfried Dolderer. T Martina Renner (52) is deputy party leader of the Left and has been a member of the Bundestag since 2013, where she is a member of the Interior Committee. Before that, she was the chairwoman of her parliamentary group in the committee of inquiry into the “National Socialist Underground” (NSU) in the Thuringian state parliament. Further links to the topics on this page can be found in our e-paper PARLIAMENTARY PROFILE The provocateur: Peter Tauber In the political debate after the murder of the regional president Walter Lübcke, the former CDU general secretary Peter Tauber made a provocative accent : He has called for the application of Article 18 of the Basic Law. This follows the basic rights catalog and states that these basic rights are “forfeited” by those who abuse the freedom of expression “to fight against the free democratic basic order”. The 44-year-old from Gelnhausen in Hesse, a small town with a great history, has been a directly elected member of the Bundestag since 2008. From December 2013 Tauber was Angela Merkel's right-hand man at CDU headquarters and worked on making the party more attractive for young people, women and migrants. Then came the refugee crisis in 2015, followed by the strengthening of the AfD, and it overshadowed everything else. “I got a lot from what was actually true of the boss,” Tauber later told the “tageszeitung”. Then, at the end of 2017, in the middle of the coalition negotiations, the collapse: a bowel disease developed into a life-threatening inflammation. Due to the stress, said the doctors. In February 2018, Tauber handed over his party office to Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. With the formation of the government in March, he became, halfway recovered, Parliamentary State Secretary in the Ministry of Defense. Perhaps his personal experiences explain something with the sharp words that he now found in a guest post for “Die Welt”. "Walter Lübcke's murder preceded numerous attacks on people who campaign for this republic and its values," writes it there, naming a changed political climate in the country as the cause of growing propensity for violence. The AfD is making a contribution to this. “With the delimitation of language it paved the way for the delimitation of violence. Erika Steinbach, once a woman with education and style, demonstrates this self-radicalization every day on Twitter. Like the Höcke, Ottes and Wei- dels, she is complicit in the death of Walter Lübcke through a language that uninhibits and leads to violence. “.................. .................................................. .................................................. ............................... liede M mhc A / TBD © »You have to talk about the wrong carelessness in dealing with them who want to abolish the free democratic basic order and destroy this republic. «The long-time CDU member of the Bundestag and current chairman of the AfD-affiliated Desiderius Erasmus Foundation, Erika Steinbach, indignantly rejected Tauber's accusation and emphasized that she had“ the murder very clearly sentenced to Mr. Lübcke ”. But Tauber followed up on Twitter: She was "responsible for the consequences and reactions to your agitation against Walter Lübcke," he held against Steinbach, and was therefore "complicit in his death". The fact that Steinbach knew Lübcke and knew “what an upright and fine guy he was” makes their behavior even worse. In response to Twitter Lübcke's statement, Steinbach had spread that anyone who did not agree with the asylum policy could leave the country at any time and criticized him heavily for doing so. Tauber complains of a “false negligence” in dealing with those “whose aim is to eliminate the free democratic basic order and to destroy this republic” and calls for the application of Article 18. With it, the fathers and mothers of the Basic Law would have "Expressed the will to defend free democracy against its opponents". With the application of Article 18, he is not concerned with a “de-citizenship”, but with a “de-politicization” of the enemies of the constitution, explains Tauber. However, only the Federal Constitutional Court can pronounce the forfeiture of fundamental rights; all four proceedings in the Federal Republic have so far failed in Karlsruhe. Tauber did not receive much support for this demand. The Federal Minister of the Interior, Horst Seehofer (CSU), who is responsible for constitutional issues, simply stated: “We will seriously examine the possibility.” Politicians from other parties, from the FDP to the Left, rejected the initiative. But nobody is deaf who gives up so easily. The passionate marathon runner took part in an 80-kilometer run shortly after his release from rehab. The Protestant finds support in faith. After saving his life, he had the coordinates of his church, the Marienkirche in Gelnhausen, tattooed on him. Peter Stützle T