What is the next number after 9999

Every digital camera has a frame number counter that goes from frame number 1 in folder 100 to frame number 9999 in folder 999, and when the maximum count is reached, no further pictures can be taken. However, this state can only occur if the recordings are numbered consecutively; so it is usually preset at the factory. However, you can also set the camera to always start at 1 on an empty card.

The industry standard used by all camera manufacturers for storing images on memory cards stipulates that image files are stored in folders with three-digit numbers beginning with 100 and ending with 999. The image files themselves have a four-digit number, starting with 0001. Only when the camera has saved the image with the number 9999 in a folder does the next image have to be saved in a new folder; after image 9999 in folder 100 there follows image 0001 in folder 101. However, some manufacturers' models create a new folder after 999 pictures.

If you switch cards between different cameras, it can happen that a card is already assigned a higher image number than the camera would normally use for the next recording. The camera then adjusts its own frame number counter accordingly, so that the next shot receives the next number that has not yet been assigned on the card; the picture numbers in between are skipped. In this way, the counter reading can increase because a card with high frame numbers increases the camera's frame counter and the camera then also writes images with such high numbers on an empty memory card. While the maximum count should actually only be reached after 8,999,100 recordings (or 899,100 if the camera creates a new folder after 999), it can also happen much faster due to this effect.

In order to take further pictures with the camera, it is not enough to delete or format the card, because the camera's image counter would remain at the maximum value. Only if you set in the camera menu that the numbering should be reset to 1, and erases or formats the card, the frame counter is reset. After taking a picture with the empty card, you can switch back to continuous picture numbering. mjh