What is Hans Zimmer's greatest musical achievement

Hans Zimmer | Official biography

The pianist and film composer Hans Zimmer was born on September 13, 1957 in Frankfurt / Main. He already played the piano as a preschooler, but was not convinced by the classical music education. As a teenager he moved to England, where he initially worked on his high school diploma, but at the same time integrated himself into the thriving music scene. As a keyboard player, he first played with the Italian experimental pop group “Krisna”, then with the college punks of “Ultravox”. Around 1978 he met the then unsuccessful producer Trevor Horn, with whom he launched the pop project “The Buggles”. With the song "Video Killed The Radio Star" he had his first international hit in 1979, the accompanying video was one of the pioneering films of the genre and the album "The Plastic Age" became a bestseller.

After a successful start in the pop business, Zimmer began to be interested in film music in the early eighties. First he composed advertising and radio jingles in the London studio “Air Edel” before the film music veteran Stanley Meyers (“Deer Hunter”) offered him a position as an assistant. This is how Zimmer came into contact with the scene, wrote his first complete soundtrack for Nicolas Roeg's “Eureca” in 1984 and soon followed up with the music for “Seperate Vacations” (1986) and “Castaway” (1987). At the same time he worked as a producer and was involved in this role on the Oscar-winning score for “The Last Emperor” (1987). The first assignment from the USA came with “Miss Daisy and Her Chauffeur” and in 1988 Zimmer finally achieved the breakthrough with the soundtrack to Barry Levinson's “Rain Man”.

From then on, Zimmer was in business. Together with Jay Rifkin, he founded the Media Ventures studio in Santa Monica, not far from the major Hollywood studios. With the possibility of being able to realize everything himself on site together with a trunk of excellent musicians, he built a reputation for himself as a composer of action thrillers as well as serious epics. In 1989 he set Ridley Scott's “Black Rain” to music, a collaboration that was to intensify further. “Thelma & Louise” followed in 1991, “Toys” in 1992, a comedy with Robbin Williams, as well as various promotional melodies that developed a life of their own like “Follow Your Dreams” by the Marlboro Adventure Team. The music for “The Lion King” was a worldwide success in 1994 and won both an Oscar and a Golden Globe.

Hans Zimmer is now one of the busiest composers in his genre. He has been working closely with the DreamWorks film studios founded by Steven Spielberg since 1997, and wrote the film scores for “The Peacemaker” (1997), “The Prince Of Egypt” (1998), “Mission Impossible II” (2000), “ Gladiator ”(2000),“ Pearl Harbor ”(2001),“ Black Hawk Down ”(2002),“ The Last Samurai ”,“ Johnny English ”(2003),“ Laura's Star ”,“ Spanglish ”(2004),“ Madagascar ”,“ Over The Edge ”,“ Batman Begins ”,“ The Weather Man ”(2005). In the near future “Mission Impossible III”, “The Da Vinci Code” and “Pirates Of The Carribean II” (2006) are also planned. In addition, Hans Zimmer occasionally appears live, as in 2000 at the Flanders Film Festival. There he presented a cross-section of his most famous melodies on a large stage in front of 3500 listeners.