What life event did humanity teach you?

There are always crises in life. Everyone has probably already experienced, at least a small, crisis in their life. When is a crisis a crisis and when can it be described as such?

Crises are a normal part of our life

A crisis arises when the person is perceived as threatening for the unexpected events from the environment that exceed their own resources and are perceived as threatening. Usually a loss of control goes hand in hand.

Coping well with life events

Certain life events that occur in every “normal” life of a person can also turn into a crisis if they seem unmanageable. Life events are e.g. all life transitions such as from elementary school to higher school, from adolescents to adulthood, job loss or even the death of a partner ...

"There is no situation in life that is really pointless." (V. Frankl)

If we are currently in a crisis, we cannot see that every crisis holds an opportunity. According to Viktor Frankl, “There is no situation in life that is really pointless.” Look back, exactly these life situations have definitely taught you something and you went into the next phase of life strengthened.

Reassessment of a crisis afterwards

You have definitely changed something, whether external things or your attitude towards certain things. In psychology there is Lazarus' stress model, in which it is well shown how a crisis arises. Whether small or large crises, the resources that are needed may vary. However, an important point from this is to look back when I've made it. What was the good thing about it, there is a reassessment of the situation with positive content.

Points of the stress model of Lazarus

1. Environmental stressors

2. Assessment of this by the person

3. Assess the stressful situation

4. Resources

5. Stress from a lack of resources

6. Stress management - changing the situation or attitude to the situation

7. Reassessment of the situation

Crises that are not successfully managed can leave long-term psychological as well as physical traces. When are crises not manageable? If e.g. the crisis

  • is played down

  • There is resistance to the current situation

  • to fall into a victim position out of fear (rigidity)

  • don't want to change anything

  • do not adapt to the given situation

  • Realize no support

  • persist in old thinking and behavior

  • She has to cope with a lack of self-confidence

Crises always have to do with change. Changes happen every day and our thinking habits and behaviors are required to adapt again and again.

Accommodation & adaptation

It is a process of accommodation and adaptation. That is, evolutionary adaptation (adaptation) always takes place in order to maintain the balance. And that applies to all living things and also to the environment. Both our environment and we humans strive for homeostasis. If something is imbalanced, there must be an opposite pole to compensate for the imbalance again.


From embodiment (theory from social psychology) it is known that people who are emotionally unbalanced and hypothermic, like to watch love films, and often take a hot bath or shower to get into a homeostatic balance.

independently or externally controlled

Now it can be that people of their own free will cling to things convulsively and have resistance to small daily changes. People always see change as something negative, because the loss of control and this transitional void in something new is perceived as very uncertain and uncertain. That is why changes often do not happen of our own free will, but often come to us from outside under the control of others.

Even “bad” habits feel safe and familiar

For us humans, even if it is not ideal, the familiar is familiar and gives us security. Thus, something “bad” is endurable, often better than taking the step into something new and still uncertain.

Decisions based on personal responsibility

If we now go to the individual level, we know that, for example, we have been grappling with the idea of ​​a divorce for a long time, but do not actually take the step for rational or emotional reasons. After a while the decision suddenly comes from outside and we are offended at the moment. Now we have to act, involuntarily! That means the change came from the outside, externally controlled.

Individual emotional freedom & independence

It is so important to learn to become more and more free and independent in life. That means not that we take ourselves out of social life, on the contrary. If each individual himself repeatedly clears up the inner drama, self-doubt and long-stored fears, then the social life together can also function much better.

Every crisis holds an opportunity to develop personally

Every crisis harbors a huge opportunity. For each individual, but also as a whole. What chance does it hold in us? In consulting and coaching, one speaks of triggers, which initiate and address our topics in us in order to draw attention to them and to solve them in the next step. We feel safe when everything on the outside is “supposedly” in order. The problem, however, is more of the chaos inside!

On the body level, our thoughts become visible

My many years of experience from my body work with many different people in connection with the psyche (body reflections method), I have discovered many parallels between body and psyche. Independent of many scientific findings from embodiment, I was able to recognize even more connections.

The supposed feeling of security and the effects on the body

The security that is often perceived is not true security, but only a "deceptive sensory perception of security" as in the example of the shoulders. Tense, hunched shoulders give people a sense of security. To believe that you can control everything is reflected in the body. From an anatomical point of view, tense shoulders make no sense at all, except that it unnecessarily creates tension in the neck, shoulder and neck area. And so there are many physically visible behaviors, patterns, and thoughts.

Suppressed unresolved issues on the emotional level

If you take a look behind the scenes, you will discover unresolved issues, emotions and patterns, such as uncertainty, fears and doubts, etc. that are hidden. And yes, I got to know people who were materially very rich and still had existential fears. Thus existential fears often have nothing to do with external circumstances. They only become visible when deficiencies appear in the outside world. Fears per se have long been stored in us. It is also useless to accumulate more possessions in order to keep these fears low and to conjure them away. They remain hidden until they come to the surface and are resolved inside.

A question for you

Do you know your very own essence, your potential or your purpose in life? What are you burning for with all your heart and what can you contribute to the whole? What can you let shine in a golden light and inspire others for it? Oh no, it's not always the big, complicated things that win trophies and get big honors.

Live an intuitive life

From my point of view, it is important to listen to your intuition to get to know yourself better and better. To clear and break down the layers of blockages. In order to trust one's intuition or to be able to perceive it, a higher developed consciousness * and a large portion ** of mindfulness are required.

* “Consciousness is a state of mind in which one has knowledge of one's own existence and the existence of an environment”.

Also includes:

• To be present

• Cognitive skills (thinking, thinking, planning, ...)

• Self-awareness - feeling, thinking, acting being

** mindfulness

“Is a state of consciousness in which it becomes possible to witness the momentary experience from a non-judgmental inner distance”.

Personality development

This development happens on all levels of our existence: physically, mentally and spiritually. Bring all three levels in harmony and connect with all of them. In counseling & coaching, the body always has the first priority that the body is in balance and stable. Then you can continue on the psychological level. Strengthen your body, release blockages and support your immune system with the options available to you!

Here is a little physical exercise for you that is very helpful.

The happiness of the senses - make you happy exercise


Learn to live according to your INTUTION