Who decides what counts as art

What criteria does Kunst.org use to select artists?

The artists and works of art at Kunst.org are selected by curators. These select artists or works of art that they consider remarkable. Such artists or works of art are shown and discussed here. The decisions are made exclusively and independently by the curators or the editorial team.

Of course, such a selection is entirely subjective - but not arbitrary. Art is an open and diverse field and preferences are quite different. But there are also quality terms in art. These are made up of various factors that are defined, for example, by art criticism, art market and art history. The fact that there are nevertheless fluctuations in the valuation of art shows that quality is a social consensus that can change historically. Quality in art is therefore not a fixed quantity but always relative and tied to the respective time.

At the present time it can be said that currently the market predominantly decides what counts as art and especially what counts as good art. Here the economic value is often equated with the aesthetic value. The quality of works of art currently seems to be primarily defined by the price. The art market is like an exchange for investment objects with the greatest possible potential increase in value.

As an independent platform for contemporary art, we refrain from these mechanisms. At Kunst.org, market criteria should not be considered, or only marginally. (Which of course does not rule out the fact that the artists discussed here can still achieve an increase in value in the art market)
At Kunst.org, the works of art or the work of the artist himself are in the foreground. Here, only aspects of art criticism and history count in the selection. With this in mind, the editorial team selects artists whose work we would like to honor.

What is a curator?

The word curator comes from Latin. Curator means “carer” or “representative”, curare means “to take care of” or “take care of.” In a museum, a curator is the person responsible for a collection or exhibition.
In contemporary art, the term is usually used as a freelance exhibition maker who compiles and organizes exhibitions (galleries, art associations, biennials, etc.) outside of a scientific collection.
At Kunst.org, curators take care of the selection / compilation of the artists or works of art.


Kunst.org cooperates with artists.de, one of the world's largest art platforms for contemporary art, and with Contemporary-art.com - the website for contemporary art. Further collaborations with other art portals or independent curators and art journalists are aimed at.

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"Think outside the box" by Dr. Stefanie Lucci

Illustration: Mario Reis - Switzerland, Canton Schwyz - watercolor on canvas