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8th Noida International Film Festival-2021, India (8)

Rules and Regulations:

7th Noida International Film Festival-2020

1. Awards for professionals and students category-

Production Awards

❏ Best Feature Film ❏ Best Short Film ❏ Best Animation
❏ Best Feature Film ❏ Best Feature Film ❏ Best Director
❏ Short documentary Best Music Video Best Film Jury Special Festival Mention ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏ Honorable Jury Mention ❏ Best Commercial
❏ Best Debut Director (Feature Only)

Creative Awards

❏ Best Cinematography ❏ Best Editing ❏ Best Screenplay
❏ Best VFX

Performance Awards

❏ Best Actress
Best Supporting Actress ❏ ❏ ❏ Best Supporting Actress

Music Awards

❏ Best Original Music ❏ Best Background Music

Companies / Institutional Awards

❏ Best Film / Animation Production Institution (Academic)
[Award is given on State / City Basics Ex. Best in Calcutta, Maharashtra or UP etc]
❏ Best film production house: -
❏ Feature film production house
❏ Short / documentary film production house
❏ Advertising / animation production house
[Award is given on State / City Basics Ex. Best in Kolkata, Maharashtra or UP etc]

Award criteria

Submission for the Best Film Production Institution Award (Academic)

• Institution show role
• Submit DVD of any two student projects
• List of internal resources.
• List of award-winning productions
• List of alumni who work with renowned film banners
• List of institution filmmaking faculty along with specialization & experience.

Submission for Best Film Production House Award

• Company show role
• Submit DVDs of two company-produced films
• List all films made by the company and mention whether films have won any awards.
• List of professionals associated with the company (such as directors, cinematographers, editors, producers, etc.)
• Include the résumés of core team members

Certificate of Participation + Miniboxoffic Films Ratings are given to all entries. The winners will be awarded a certificate and trophy as well as short film distribution.

2. The film must be subtitled in English if it is a language other than English and Hindi.

3. Films attended Noida International Film Festival-2014-19 are not eligible for participation in 2020.

4th year of production & accepted film duration:

Year of production: Jan-2017 from
Feature films & feature documentary & animated feature films: more than 60 min
Short film, short documentary & short animation: up to 60min
Music videos: up to 8 min

5. The decision of the jury is final and cannot be appealed.

6. NIFF-20 levels / process:

• Submitting entries in accordance with rules and regulations.
• Announcement of regular entries in the shortlist by the festival office on January 10, 2020 and notification of late entries in the shortlist on January 15, 2020.
• Delegate registration to attend NIFF-20 in Noida, India. All filmmakers must register as a delegate to attend the festival. Hospitality fees apply to filmmakers and attendees, including lunch, tea / coffee with biscuits, and master classes.
• Film screening and workshops, followed by an award ceremony in Noida on January 25, 2020.

7. Noida International Film Festival-20 assumes no financial obligation for the costs incurred through the correspondence by the participant. All travel, accommodation and subsistence costs are to be borne by the participant for visiting the festival. No request for the same is entertained.

8. As soon as the submitted film cannot be withdrawn under any circumstances, the festival director reserves the right to disqualify any film for certain reasons.

9. By submitting the film to the Noida International Film Festival, the filmmaker / producer assumes all responsibility for copyright issues relating to music, script and other creative and technical aspects of the film.

10. Filmmakers are asked to email the following to [email protected]
• Synopsis of the film.
• Occupation & Occupation List.
• Director's biography & filmography.
• Photo of the director.
• Still and poster of film in JPEG format.

11. Send via Festhome


Film submission
• Send film via private online link via Vimeo, Google Drive, YouTube or Wetransfer etc., scanned registration form & payment details to [email protected]


• Two DVD sets along with registration form, fee and other details mentioned in the registration form at the address given

(Tick the envelope, "For Cultural Use Only. NO COMMERCIAL VALUE.)

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