Does automation affect a mechanical engineer?

Information in the field of automation technology.

Job description of the engineer for automation technology.

Your area of ​​responsibility and your activities differ depending on your professional experience, industry and subject area. In principle, automation technology is closely related to electrical engineering, but your tasks often also include components from the fields of mechanical engineering and vehicle technology.

What does an automation engineer do?

Basically, as an engineer for automation technology, you develop and install systems, devices, plants and machines that are based on computer-aided control. Your main tasks include:

  • Identification and elimination of malfunction and error sources in machines
  • Programming of robots in manufacturing cells
  • Programming of control technology
  • Instruction of the plant personnel
  • Maintenance of process controls

With growing professional experience, your area of ​​competence also increases. In this way, you take on more management responsibility and take on more complex tasks. As an engineer for automation technology, you have different fields of application and industries. For example, many graduates end up here:

  • mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Energy Technology
  • Vehicle technology
  • Manufacturing and production

In addition to the classic automation of industrial plants, systems and devices, you can also specialize in various activities. The focus is on measurement technology, robotics, process automation or mechatronics. Robotics in particular is a promising niche in which you develop robot systems or control the digital regulations of automated processes.