What are some search tools

11. Some exemplary questions

Hybrid search enginesFireball
by Tanja TimmerNorthern Light
by Johannes StrobelHotBot
by Karl-Peter KapitzkaLycos
by Sarah MilvacategoryGerman search engineInternational search engineBoarding school Search engine of the "HotWired" magazineGerman search engine with international "mother"Simple / advanced searchYes (detailed search)Yes (Search, Powersearch, Publication Search, Industry Search, Current News)YesYesSearch operators"+" (Inclusion), "-" (exclusion), Boolean operators do not workAND, OR and NOT, brackets, phrases with "....",Selection of the (Boolean, etc.) operators using the drop-down menuNatural questions (e.g. "Where can I find books?")TruncationYes with "*")Yes, "*" replaces> 1 letter,
"%" Replaces exactly 1 letterYes, "*" replaces> 1 character,
"?" Replaces exactly 1 characterYesCase sensitiveYes??Yes??Presentation of resultsLink list with title, url, excerpt, size, dateLink listCan be individually influenced by "checkboxes"Link list (can be influenced -> with document excerpt or only title, etc.)Relevance rankingYesYesChoice (yes / no)YesSpecial featuresTrends & events, surf tipsSpecial Collection: selected sites on various topics classified as high quality -> chargeable!Search function can be localized, road maps, search for domain namesIndividual options for the presentation of the resultsHelp functionDetailed and understandableClearly structured, with many examples, possibility to download!Extensive, with FAQsclear and understandable for the layperson