What you should know by 18

My child turns 18 - what parents should know by now

What will legally change for my child?

Your child has full legal capacity from their 18th birthday. This entails a number of changes that you as parents should consider and, preferably, discuss with the offspring.

When your child comes of age, for example, they can sign contracts on their own - for example a rental or mobile phone contract. In addition, from the age of 18 the provisions of the Youth Labor Protection Act no longer apply. This means that the legal regulations on working and break times are expanding. The conditions for the protection of minors are also changing, which determine, for example, access to tobacco, alcohol and films. Criminal law and the possibilities for legal prosecution of your child are also changing. The following applies: adults are fully criminally responsible. Between the 18th and the 21st birthday, however, the weaker adult criminal law may still be applied. At the age of 18 a marriage can be concluded without the consent of the parents or the family court. From the age of majority, your child can also take on a guarantee. However, this should be carefully considered, because a surety is liable with all of his assets! Here you will find further information on the topic of guarantees.

At the age of majority: checklist for parents

Basically, as parents, you are still required to provide accompaniment and support after your 18th birthday - not just in an emergency.
As a rule, you should check all existing contracts, accounts and insurance. With some contracts and memberships, your child only needs to prove their student or educational status in order to continue to benefit from discounts. With other contracts and memberships it is possible to continue to involve your child via the family tariff.

The following information is intended to support you and draw attention to important, upcoming changes - go through these with your child.