What does a property inspection entail

Property inspection by drone - Frank Lochau explains why this advanced alternative is suitable for housing companies

Defective roof tiles, protruding sidewalk slabs and dilapidated facades - all things that housing companies use for their real estate regularly in the frame the Check traffic safety requirements have to. If this is ignored, it will not remain without consequences: The traffic safety obligation contains various requirements to secure sources of danger, which can lead to damage claims according to ยงยง 823 ff. BGB.

Because if someone is harmed on private property, the owner is often liable. For this reason, property managers must take appropriate measures to ensure that the properties they manage do not pose any dangers to third parties. Especially in winter, when there is snow, ice and storms, one application is particularly crucial: the roof inspection.

In the past, housing companies have been responsible for this Kind of inspections mainly used lifting platforms or scaffolding - there were simply hardly any promising technical alternatives. However, this form of maintenance has some disadvantage: The lifting platforms or scaffolding must be rented for every inspection. Then these are transported to the place where the action is taking place, and are assembled and dismantled again. That costs money and, above all, time for every single inspection. A stable floor is also required so that the scaffolding and lifting platforms are secure. In addition, areas on the building that are difficult to see are not always accessible.

All such problems can be solved solve technically today, because inspections are now also possible with drones. Compared to conventional methods, these are not only faster and safer. They can also be carried out automatically. The principle is simple: a drone as a carrier object transports a camera. This in turn takes pictures of damaged areas on buildings from the air and saves, processes and forwards them. Everything digital.

Challenges when using drones

But what sounds so simple at first, harbors some challenges. There are many rules and laws that need to be observed when flying a drone. For example, in many places, such as over private property, commercial airports or industrial areas, it is not allowed to fly without the consent of the owner. In many places, a drone flight is only allowed with an ascent permit, which the project manager must obtain from various authorities ...