How do you define inclination


With Slope you define the slope of the surface of the track perpendicular to the axis.

Apply transfers the changes to the matrix.

Note: If the editing of the definition is exited without applying, a security query appears asking whether the changes should be accepted.

Protocol shows the sequence of the data entered / commands used in a list.


Shows the number of the ceiling book track (negative values ​​are on the left, positive values ​​on the right when viewed in axial direction)

The name of the track can be specified in the text field. This is also used in the cross-section and makes orientation easier for a complete cross-section.

The Technical meaning defines the technical presentation and the level assignment.

Type of track defines the OKSTRA technical meaning:

... lanes

... edge strips

... median

…Bus stop

... hard shoulder

... multipurpose strips

... parking lanes

…Cycle path

…Side walk

... walkway / bike path combined

... grass verges

... banquet on the left

... banquet on the right

... embankment on the left

... embankment on the right



... gutter

…Retaining wall

... noise barrier

21… berm




... noise barrier

... track 0


Note: This additional OKSTRA technical meaning is independent of the technical meaning for the representation in the site plan.
Note: This is used for export if no OKSTRA technical meaning has been assigned.


Shows the position of the marking on the axis.

How to change stations:

  • Change station for entire line: The line is moved.
  • Change station for a single definition (cell):

    • If only this definition is available at the station, the entire line is shifted. The station name is retained.
    • If there are other definitions at the station, only one definition is moved to the new station. This new station has no station name.
Note: If there is already a definition at the target station, a security query regulates the procedure.

With the button Graphic, the station can also be selected in the drawing.

Note: To change the value of the current station, the entire line must be marked. Change in the Definition column creates a new station with the changed value.

Designation enables the additional definition of a name.

The name can be up to characters long.

Line breaks can be defined with the key.