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Todd Alquist

Todd Alquist

ToddAlyquist works for Vamonos Pest Control, a company that clears houses of vermin. However, Todd and his colleagues also use this job to rob the families who hire the company or sell their apartment keys to other thieves in order to earn a good bit of extra income. Through these illegal activities, Walter White, Jesse Pinkman and Mike Ehrmantraut finally became aware of the company and bought it up for their own purposes. Todd remains an employee of the company and quickly seizes the opportunity to attract the attention of his new employers.


Despite his gentle language and childlike fascination with the criminal underworld, Todd has proven himself to be a more than capable criminal and will usually act instinctively when he feels that the secrecy of his profession is in jeopardy. Todd's main motivation appears to be satisfaction from his employers, rather than greed or morality, and will go out of his way to please them. His relationship with his employers is always one of respect and loyalty and will carry out any order unwaveringly and without remorse when he carries out Drew Sharp for witnessing them steal the methalymes and then keep the boy's tarantula. His attitude towards his uncle and his uncle's gang is more familiar, and while he shows an eagerness to impress them with his skills, he doesn't show them the same slobbering with which he treats his bosses. He also seems to be infatuated with Lydia, a feeling that is not reciprocated. Based on certain aspects of his personality, it is safe to say that Todd is a sociopath. Oddly enough, Todd usually seems to be doing fine selling Jesse ice cream while also keeping him as a slave cook. He also tells Andrea that it's not personal before shooting her and regretfully tells Walt that he shouldn't come back if he goes to the gang's clubhouse. Nonetheless, Todd is ready to do whatever it takes to secure his criminal venture and please his Uncle Jack and the rest of the gang.


Season 5

Behind the acquisition of the company, Walter and Jesse had the idea that they would use the shielded houses as short-term places to make meth. However, in order to ensure that no one finds out about them, Mike makes it more than clear to the employees of Vamanos Pest Control that the houses in which they cook must not be robbed, which everyone adheres to. Mike also makes it clear to them that they should follow all of Walter and Jesse's instructions, but only come to Mike if they have any problems. Todd quickly realizes that it could do his future good if he can put himself in the favor of men so that he can possibly take a place with them in the long term. Accordingly, he informs Walter and Jesse before their first assignment that there is a nanny cam in the living room so that they cannot be blown out.

Probably because of this subtle hint, his previous secrecy and above all because of his experience as a thief, Jesse, Walter and Mike approach Todd when they want to rob a train to steal methylamine. Todd is enthusiastic about the exact planning of the robbery, in which all eventualities were taken into account. He turns out to be a very good accomplice and together they manage to steal the goods unnoticed. But as they celebrate their success, they suddenly notice a little boy who has watched the whole spectacle and is therefore an unwanted witness to their crime. Todd shyly waves at the little one, only to then pick up his gun and shoot him unceremoniously.

After they got rid of the boy's body together, Todd tries to have a casual conversation with Jesse, but Jesse is just angry and knocks Todd down. Shortly afterwards he tries to justify himself to Walter, Mike and Jesse for his action, which he justifies by saying that they wanted to remain undetected and that the little boy would have been a witness who would have put the whole plan in danger. He turns to Walter directly and honestly asks him if what he did was really wrong, because after all, he stood up for the group. He wants to be part of the group and would do anything so that they never get exposed. Jesse wants to get rid of Todd, but Walter shows understanding for his actions, so that Walter and Mike finally decide to keep Todd. Todd is grateful for the decision, but is hit by Mike because he simply had a gun with him without telling Mike what he will not tolerate again. Back in his car, Todd takes the tarantula from his backpack, which the dead boy had with him in a glass.

Since Jesse finally leaves the business, Walter gets Todd on board, who is supposed to help him with the cooking. Todd is taught every single step in cooking and takes note of every little thing in order to learn the craft from scratch. Todd finds everything very complicated and says that it will take him some time until he has understood all the steps and can implement them. For this reason, he also waives payment for the time being in order to be in Walter's favor as well as possible. That he achieved this is shown when Walter contacted Todd to help him cover up the traces of Mike's murder. Todd's connections to the right-wing extremist scene also come to his aid in working with Walter, as he needs someone to have inmates murdered. So Todd arranges a meeting with Walter and his uncle so that he activates his men to do the job for Walter.

At the latest, Todd has positioned himself perfectly as Walter's new right-hand man and together the two get Walter's business going, cook continuously and earn a lot of money.

Victims killed

  • Drew Sharp: Shot for witnessing the railroad robbery Walt, Jesse, Mike and Todd committed ("Deadly Cargo").
  • 8 of Declan's men: All shot by Todd, his uncle Jack and the white racist group on behalf of Lydia Rodarte-Quayle ("Buried").
  • Declan's cook: Shot by Todd, Jack and his white racist group on behalf of Lydia ("Buried").
  • Steve Gomez: Shot by Todd, Jack and his white racist group ("Ozymandias").
  • Andrea Cantillo: Shot by Todd for Jesse's refusal to cook meth with him and his escape from the white backers complex ("Granite State").


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  • According to Lydia, Todd's crystal meth is 74% pure with no whale support. Todd later improved his cooking to 76%.
  • Todd set She Blinded Me with Science Song as the ringtone for Walter's call ("To'hajiilee").
  • In the final episode it is revealed that Todd's cell phone set Lydia, The Tattooed Lady, as the ringtone for Lydia's call ("Felina").
  • His last name "Alquist" is of Swedish origin.
  • The firearms worn by Todd in the series are a Smith & Wesson 5906TSW (which he uses to kill Drew Sharp) ("Dead Freight") and a Ruger KP95 which he uses to shoot Hank and Steve Gomez ("To'hajiilee")) .
  • Todd was the only character Jesse Pinkman voluntarily killed.