What are the universal laws of life

The 7 universal laws of life

1. Spirituality:
"EVERYTHING" is spirit (energy). The universe - i.e. everything - is spiritual in nature!
Everything arises out of the spirit, so the matter is only manifested spirit.
Every thought starts a process of creation.
2. Correspondence:
"EVERYTHING" corresponds to our thoughts, orientations and convictions. "As above so below, as inside so outside". We don't encounter anything that doesn't have something to do with us.
3rd vibration:
"EVERYTHING" is in constant motion, everything vibrates! Nothing rests, everything vibrates.
Vibration is the carrier that attracts the respective situation (coincidence). Like attracts like, whether consciously evoked or not.
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The 7 universal laws of life
"The lips of wisdom are closed, just not to the ears of understanding."
4. Polarity:
5th cycle:
6. cause and effect:
7. Gender:
"EVERYTHING" always has two poles, such as B. light and dark, hot and cold, loud and quiet.
But the opposites are only extreme degrees of one and the same thing.
"EVERYTHING" flows in an eternal tide-like cycle (rhythm). Nothing stays as it is - everything changes! We are subject to an eternal, progressive change process. Inhaling and exhaling, ebb and flow, sunrise and sunset, day and night, summer and winter, birth and death are good examples of this.
"EVERYTHING" - that exists - has a cause. Only what was thought beforehand (cause) can exist at all (effect). The so-called coincidence (effect) has only one unknown cause.
Everything happens according to law, nothing happens by chance. There are different levels of cause and effect, with the higher ones dominating the lower levels.
"EVERYTHING" - down to the spiritual - has male and female parts. The masculine gives the direction
(the active, the idea, the will) and the feminine is the accepting and executing (the passive).
Most people have focused more on the female part and unfortunately too often allow themselves to be fertilized by the negative thoughts and feelings of others, so that they ultimately reap what they did not want at all.