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Known individuals

The Elves, also the Firstborn called (original name Quendi, who speak with a voice), may call themselves the oldest race on Arda.


The Elves were created by Ilúvatar. They came into the world before humans and have the privilege of immortality, but are tied to the circles of the world. It is destined for them in Aman, den Immortal Landsto live, and many left Middle-earth to sail there. In addition, elves do not succumb to diseases and their spirit (fea), if they die, wander into Mando's halls, where they wait for the end of time and the coming of Ilúvatar, to find a new body there (Hroar) to get.

Once feared warriors and talented artists, they determined the fate of Middle-earth for many centuries, but towards the end of the Third Age they withdrew less powerfully into their realms and tired of life in Middle-earth. At the beginning of the Fourth Age, after the War of the Ring ends, most of them leave Middle-earth.


The Elves are the oldest thinking creatures of Arda, the first children of Ilúvatar. They awoke when Varda, the mistress of the stars, lit the stars again with the rope of the silver tree Telperion of Valimar (at that time the age of the stars began). The Elves are among the most intelligent and skilful creatures in Arda. They have strong magic, but, unlike humans, do not understand this as extraordinary, since it is everyday for them. Elves are tall, often over two meters, of graceful shape, but still extraordinarily strong and tough. Elves can travel long distances in a short time without sleeping. They just fall into a half-sleep in which their senses rest but their eyes remain open. This makes them one of the most enduring breeds of Ardas. Elves take about 50 years to reach adulthood.

Although the Elves are superior to humans in all areas, they are not better humans, nor are they all good. They can be said to be more extreme characters and individuals: bigger, stronger, more skillful, more beautiful and more intelligent; but just as unscrupulous, brutal, arrogant, vain and proud. Feanor and some of his sons are good examples of this.

The Elves are particularly adept at handling arrow (see below: elven arrows) and bow. You can shoot accurately at long distances. You can see very well. The blacksmithing of the Elves is legendary. The swords that they use in hand-to-hand combat are mostly two-handed swords with elaborately crafted handles that are skillfully swung by them. These swords are slightly curved, their blades are about twice as long as the hilt.

Differences between the Elven Races

The deep elves (Noldor) have highly developed visionary abilities and know better than other Elven races how to forge excellent blades, a large group of Gondolin inhabited by them, where very good blades were forged. The gray (Sindar) and green elves (Laiquendi) (also called Elves of the Twilight (Sindar)) are of teleric origin, i. H. they were a group of the Teleri who did not reject the great migration from the start, as the Avari did, but turned around on the way. Therefore they are neither elves of light nor dark elves, they are the ancestors of the wood elves along with the Avari. There are a few Sindar wood elves z. B. the descendants of Oropher, they also make star vials, jewelry and various other pretty things. Among other things, they produce them together with the green elves. These lived in Beleriand and Middle-earth, they were also ancestors of the wood elves of the Mirkwood. However, these quickly disappeared from the point of view of history.

The Gwaith-i-Mírdain were an association of Noldor Elves who forged the Rings of Power in Eregion. They had been friends with the dwarves, especially those of Moria, for the longest of all Elven races. The tree elves (Galadhrim) have the mirror and Nenya, the ring of water. They watch the stars and do astronomy. They live on trees. Your capital is in Lórien and your ruler is Galadriel.

Wood elves (Silvan) are not so wise and blasé. They love partying, wine, singing and festivals, are skilful hunters and the most dangerous of all Elven races! They are descended from the Teleri, the part who rejected the great migration or did not even take part in it. They proved that they are good warriors, among other things, in the battle of the five armies. Little can be learned from the Eastern (Avari) and Sea Elves (Teleri). The Avari quickly disappeared from history's view. The Teleri live mostly isolated on the coasts of Middle-earth.

Elven arrows

Douglas A. Anderson writes about the elven arrows in The Great Hobbit Book, p. 247: "There is a close connection between elves and arrows in fairy tales. Elven arrows (or fairy arrows) are stone arrowheads that are said to be able to penetrate the skin without leaving a wound They led to illness, sometimes even death, in those who were struck, and it was assumed that the fairies fetched the man and left only his dead shell. Ailments such as rheumatism, convulsions or bruises were attributed to elven arrows, which, by the way, not by one Bow shot down, but thrown. "

Tolkien an elf

The biography of JRR Tolkien says: "The child (Tolkien) had to stay in the house from half past eight to four thirty because of the bright sun. It could still be hot enough in the house and he always had to be dressed in white . "The little one looks like an elf when he all is dressed in white ruffles and little shoes, "wrote Mabel Tolkien to her husband's mother." And if he is whole outthen I think he looks even more like an elf. "

Important characters in the film

The main Elves in the film adaptation of Peter Jackson are Legolas, Elrond, Arwen, Galadriel and Haldir.


The separation among the Elves and some names given to their people[1]:

Quendi (the elves) EldarAvari Elves of the Great Wandering 'The Reluctant' Elves; from Cuiviénen who rejected the Great Migration ___________________________________________ | | | | VanyarNoldorTeleri | _____________________________ | went all went all | | | | went to Aman to Aman after stayed in parted east | Aman Beleriand: of the Fog Mountains | | ______________ | _______________ | from the train of the Teleri: | | CalaquendiSindarNandor | 'Elves of Light' (High elves) | (came to Aman at some of the | Time of the Two Trees) later after | Beleriand came: | | Laiquendi | Green elves from | Ossiriand | | _____________________________ | | | Úmanyar | Eldar, the, not | from Aman were | | _________________________________ | Moriquendi 'Elves of Darkness' (they never saw the light of the trees)