Will Trump step down in 2018

Another resignation: Trump's new personnel problems

When the next trouble arose around the White House, the president was in Texas. Donald Trump attended the opening of a factory for French luxury label Louis Vuitton. The bad news from the capital also followed him there. A resignation - and a chief of staff whom the president has to demonstrate his confidence in.

A minister leaves ...

The resignation? The US Secretary of Energy Rick Perry, who is involved in the Ukraine affair, is leaving office at the end of the year. When Trump announced this in Texas, he didn't mention any specific reasons. Instead: Perry did a "fantastic job" as energy minister. "But it was time - three years is a long time." A successor has already been determined. Trump did not reveal the name yet.

No luxury problems at the moment: US President Trump opening a "Louis Vuitton" factory in Texas

Perry's name had recently been mentioned repeatedly in connection with the Ukraine affair. US MPs requested documents from the minister last week. The background to this is Trump's attempts to obtain potentially compromising material from Ukraine about the family of ex-Vice President Joe Biden. In an interview, Perry admitted that he had discussed corruption in Ukraine with Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani. The Democrats would certainly like to know what the two men have specifically discussed. Perry is due to testify in the House of Representatives soon.

... and a chief of staff rows back

And the chief of staff? Mick Mulvaney was sure to have the President's approval when he announced that the next G7 summit in 2020 would take place at a Trump resort in Miami. But that was not why the Texas president felt compelled to declare that he had a lot of faith in Mulvaney. In fact, it has its hands full with the Ukraine affair, which the opposition Democrats used as an opportunity to examine impeachment proceedings against Trump. Mulvaney told journalists that there was no "quid pro quo" against Kiev. The accusation in plain language: the accusation that the White House only released a billion-dollar aid payment for Ukraine after an investigation into the activities of a US Democrats' computer server allegedly installed in the Eastern European country had been initiated - practically as an advance payment.

Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney

The fact that Mulvaney himself had made exactly this connection in a declaration only hours earlier will certainly play a role in clearing up the whole matter. In his current job, the chief of staff is unlikely to feel too safe - despite the trust that Trump has placed in him.

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