Who is your favorite god and why

What is your favorite god?

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  • Who is the most popular god of the aventurian world of gods? 338

    1. Others (demigods, etc.) (56) 17%
    2. None - I hate all gods;) (7) 2%

    Hello Hello!

    The title basically says it all. Now let's go! Regardless of whether an Alveran deity or something else ...
    (Hope I haven't missed an existing thread ... )

    With me at the moment:

    1st Cor
    2. Zerzal
    3. Swafnir
    4. Shinxir
    5. Nandus, Kamaluq
    6. Rondra, Boron, Firun, Praios
    7. Ingerimm, Efferd, Hesinde (the scientific aspect)

  • Very clear NUMBER 1 : Rahja!

    Second, I would take Firun, as wilderness and hunting are very close to my characters.
    Boron gets third position: cool as ice, unpredictable like wind and quiet like DEATH! MUHAHAHA .........

    "Imagine what you could do, if you could do all you can imagine."


  • Nice to have someone from the Vinsaltforum here.

    And now my list:

    1. Rondra
    2. Angrosch
    3. Aves

    Sven Weinmann aka Kirgam

  • outside of dsa i would definitely favor rahja

    but otherwise my favorite gods are:

    hesinde - knowledge is power. hesinde is probably THE goddess for all magicians (demon packagers excluded ) don't forget the greeting "greetings from hesinde, sir.

    phex - the crafty fox. what else can you say? he's just great

    angrosch - I purposely take angrosch and not ingeremm, because I am simply a fan of dwarfs. I don't have any other reasons for this

    Kind regards

  • Clearly:

    1. Nurti
    2. Zerzal
    3. Rondra
    4. Phex

    (5th firun)
    (6. Angrosch)
    (7th Swafnir)
    (8. Rahja)

    If you also let the light elves count then so too:
    Athavar peace song
    Alfadriel Spheresong
    Niamh gold hair
    ... are probably the most famous ...



    There is only a thin line between genius and madness, which I often cross over the course of a day!

  • with me very clearly:

    1 rondra
    2 Satuaria (if she pays, there is something like that too ^^)
    3 praios
    4 Horas
    5 firun

  • 1.Feqz (Yes the Urtulamidic hehe)
    Oberan & Kamaluq (all three equal, I like the boys)
    2nd Cor
    3. Rascha Uschtammar (I am RAUSCH !!!)
    4. Tsa (if you like goblins you can't really be angry ...)

  • Clearly Rur & Gror in first position.
    2. Swafnir
    3rd Cor
    4. Rahja (who doesn't like her ?!)
    5. Phex

    I would say at least as things stand ...

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  • mfg ecuvaro

    Qui labores, pericula, dubias atque asperas res facile toleraverant, iis otium, divitiaeque, optanda alias, oneri miseriaeque fuere. (Sallust, Cat 10)

  • The number 1 is very clear Swafnir * cross-eyed at thorwaler *

    2 Cor
    3. Rastullah
    4. Grosch
    5. Rondra

    And then the rest ^^

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  • Hmmm depends. I don't have a real favorite god. I'll list who I like:

    Travia is one of the best entities in my opinion for the common man and for larger groups. Security, protection and mutual help are great.

    Cor finally not such a wishy-washy-honorable-fighting-god but a hard-as-steel killer who also points to the ugly sides of the war. Nevertheless, he is on the side of the good and protects the weak (as long as they do not rebel)

    Praios Justice, law, and rule (annoying as it is) are the pillars of any society. However, I think the way consecrated people are represented in 90% of all cases are totally for'n ar ***. I like the praiot who is really interested in justice and doesn't just want to kill magicians.

    Peraine the best partner Travias

    and Nandu's education, knowledge and understanding for everyone would lead to a better society ... I think ... although ... oh no matter

    Rur and Gror This belief is great! The beauty of the world shows itself in (almost) everything and should be increased.

    AvesI'm on my way I'm on the road I'm not going anywhere * sing *

    Requiro hoc vesperi res calidas / Etiam res calidas ista noctu / requiro hoc vesperi res calidas / Da mihi calida, da mihi amorem noctu

  • Well, somehow I find Praios the ... most fertile for role-playing. If you are looking for interesting game situations and interesting characters, Praios has a lot to offer. Praios is well suited to portray the ambivalent aspects of religion and belief (it can probably best be transferred to the Christian historical God), one must not become too stereotypical and mock the fanatical banns, but the relationships of power as given by God I think it's important to look good and assertive.
    Many of the other gods are too boring for me: I don't need a Hesinde to portray a scientist who values ​​knowledge and knowledge as the greatest good; Rondra is also quite closely related to Praios, but I personally don't like the exaggerated arrogance. You could also say that she represents the right arm of the prince of gods, Travia the heart, etc ... I'd rather take the head of the whole ^^.

    Of course, with a normal hero you can use the god who is most similar to the character of the hero and I think that's good, but if faith is to represent a particularly important aspect of the hero, Praios would be my first choice.

  • Well you don't need one. I don't need praios for laws, Rahja for passion, etc.
    Some devotees to Praios also see Praios as the god of justice and also question the rulers, the Braniborians. The special challenge in playing a praiot is the love of truth. Never lying means only partially that you are not allowed to give up half-truths, but you don't always have to trumpet everything. I refer to a conversation in a book by Terry Pratchett between the patrician and Captain Vimes:

    P: "It seems like someone created some chaos in the museum, Mumm."
    M: "Lord?"
    P: "Well some paintings have been damaged"
    M: "Aha, sir."
    P: "They say the guard was involved in this incident"
    M: "Interesting, sir"
    P: "You wouldn't lie to me, would you?"
    M: "Never, Lord"
    P: "And they say a troll destroyed the door of the museum"
    M: "A troll, sir"
    etc. The whole thing was similar to another topic.

    Requiro hoc vesperi res calidas / Etiam res calidas ista noctu / requiro hoc vesperi res calidas / Da mihi calida, da mihi amorem noctu