What is a pompous asshole

A narcissist with a love for Don Giovanni opera

He wears only black suits, looks for a fresh callboy in every opera town, lives in the most luxurious hotels on his hunt for the ultimate Don Giovanni production and is notoriously arrogant.

"I think the protagonist is an inflated asshole," says Mac Rollinger of himself in the film. A fitting self-assessment. A narcissist, says director Angela Christlieb, who accompanied the Luxembourger.

"That's not an insult, I think he wanted to set a monument for himself because he finds himself and his life very exciting, he enjoys it."

Marc Rollinger - a well-heeled gentleman in his late 30s - looks like his mid-50s - who knows how to enjoy life, you think - at first glance.
In Venice he celebrates the setting sun with champagne on the piazza, in Luxembourg he dines with friends. Pictures of the world's cities move across the screen in fast motion, recordings of visits to museums and operas, and short excursions into the gay scene. A life in luxury - or rather the attempt to stage reality only "more beautifully". Because Marc suffers from a life-threatening illness.

"He plays himself, so much himself that: We were only allowed to shoot in the very fancy hotels, but he also lives in others, but we weren't allowed to shoot there, and yesterday he said for the first time that he was doing this very pompous rooms in Venice, that he persuaded the reception that we could film there and lived somewhere else. I didn't even know that! "

"At first I thought I wasn't going to be 33, now I'm 36. My parents were told when I was a toddler that I wouldn't get old."

Director Angela Christlieb has structured her documentary as a film within a film, with many still images that are reminiscent of museums, with montages, with direct links to excerpts from the Don Giovanni film adaptation. Because that's Marc, he's not only looking for the perfect performance of the Mozart opera, but also for the ultimate staging of his life. He also wanted to dominate the film, says Christlieb.

"It works now between us and we have a lot of fun, but it wasn't funny at all. He told me a lot, but the camera was hardly on when he refused to let me play a game with me, the whole team At some point I thought that it was no longer about Marc and his life, that’s what it’s also about, but it’s about the design, a power game between me and him. "

"I don't have a dinner date tonight, so if you don't have anything planned yet? - Let's see what they're up to now - No, no, no, I have an obligation here until 8 p.m., after that I'll strike again because I namely am a diva and unpredictable! "

The roles are reversed, the director becomes an unwanted actor, the protagonist the director. For moments Christlieb forgets that she has everything in her hand, allowing a look behind the camera with a certain self-irony. And Rollinger gets soft, honest, and approachable, mostly from the fact that he falls in love with a porn actor.

"It's something superhuman that I've noticed in a few people so far."

In the end, you understand Marc Rollinger, you even like him. He says: "I like penguins, they are awkward on land, but no one laughs at them in their element anymore." An extraordinary documentary, a game with reality and fantasy on all levels.

"I feel like 'different', it's not that easy in Germany, a documentary always has to be 'like that'. But we did it in Luxembourg, and nobody talked us into it he adjusts to it and experiences surprises. "