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Learn HTML and create your own website step by step with HTML5 and CSS3

... a wish and soon a reality - welcome to the HTML seminar. This HTML course is designed for both beginners and advanced learners. Effective and success-oriented, because current technology is shown and obsolete is avoided.

By focusing on the essentials, you will learn HTML and be able to create websites successfully and with the necessary background knowledge after the course. The course is much more than just an introduction to HTML! The course will be step by step all important HTML commands and CSS instructions explained and then from these "puzzle pieces" Typical web design (single-column as well as multi-column layout) created. The various common web designs are recreated using 3 sample projects. The connections between HTML, CSS and design are quickly learned. Of course, the process of creating for the perfect output of Websites on mobile phones and tablets shown.

Goal of the HTML course:

Step by step with all the basics to to your own finished website ...

  • current HTML5 and CSS3 learn
  • learn how to Create design can
  • Online of the created website
  • Insight into the Planning of web projects
  • Fundamentals and advanced techniques
  • Overview of possibilities and tools
  • Step by step Replica of sample designs
  • Supported by the website, forum, e-books and videos

There is this on the website HTML CSS tutorial as a video course for easy comprehension.

Video course: learn HTML5, CSS3 and web design faster

The video course offered is the result of my course experience (I have been giving courses at universities and in companies for over 20 years) and is more extensive than this website. After each theoretical unit, the knowledge is implemented using tasks and the following video shows the solution. Practice-oriented and goal-oriented! You can order the video course on DVDs or as a download.

The extensive videos have a total playing time of over 24 hours and an HD-ready resolution.

Structure of the videos:

  • first becomes the necessary theory mediates,
  • then a task to what has just been learned
  • and then in the following video the solution shown.

The videos are the result of my experience as a course leader (over 20 years) at the university and have been continuously developed (normal people sit in the courses without studying computer science!).

What has been learned is then implemented through the Replica of websites including design implemented. Attention is paid to the latest technology and a search engine-friendly structure.

You can order the video course - both on a data carrier and as a download. The fact that this course is sent worldwide is as much a matter of course as it is a pleasure. Shipping by post and without risk for the customer.

E-books for the HTML course

The course materials are also available as e-books in PDF format. What you read here on the pages, you can take your time read offline or via the PDF file conveniently print out. Order the HTML-CSS tutorial directly as e-books.

Forum: Questions and help about HTML and CSS? - no problem!

The administered forum is available for questions, suggestions and exchanges.

You are in good hands there - do not hesitate to ask questions and answer those of the other participants. You learn a lot in the process and you may come up with even better solutions and ideas.

For example, let others review the homepage you have created and get tips and advice.

Go directly to the discussion forum

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And now have fun learning HTML

Have fun browsing and learning HTML. I hope that you will enjoy this introduction, which does not see itself as competition to well-known standard works, but as a practical introduction to HTML, and that you will be successful with your new knowledge. HTML, CSS and web design are not difficult!

It is advisable to adhere to the sequence of the course (points on the left in the controls), as these are based on each other and are coordinated.

The content of the course is constantly being expanded and the existing information is optimized based on your suggestions. And please don't forget - there is no improvement without feedback from the readers!

Good luck and, above all, have fun learning HTML
wishes the team from HTML-Seminar.de

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