What are some types of plastic products

Plastic products in the private sector

Would you like to have individual plastic products made for the private sector and are you now looking for a qualified plastics processor? Then we are the ideal contact for you.
As an experienced specialist in plastics processing, we offer you the tailor-made production of plastic products. Of course, we always pay attention to perfect workmanship and high quality of your plastic parts.

Do you have an unused space that could perfectly serve as storage space, but which requires very individual dimensions?
Do you already have an idea of ​​your desired product, but need advice on material properties, statics or design?

With our technical knowledge and many years of experience, we work out your ideas together with you. For this we only need information regarding the purpose and the place of use.
If you already have a drawing or sketch, we will manufacture the workpiece directly to these dimensions. On request, our company can also produce constructions and drawings.
After clarifying the details, you will receive a suitable offer from us.

As soon as your order has been completed, you can either pick up the plastic parts in person or we can have them delivered directly to your home.

Which plastics we process

Depending on the intended use, we process different types of plastic. For example, we have the option of manufacturing transparent or UV-resistant plastic products.

Are you still not sure which plastic you need for your idea? We are happy to help!
The following plastics are processed by us:

PVCPolyvinyl chloride
PPSPolypropylene, flame retardant
PETGPolyethylene terephthalate glycol
PPS elPolypropylene, electrically conductive
PE elPolyethylene, electrically conductive
PVDFPolyvinylidene fluoride
PMMAPolymethyl methacrylate
PC elPolycarbonate, electrically conductive
ECTFEEthylene chlorotrifluorethylene

Incidentally, some plastics are also available in an electrically conductive version.

Our expertise in plastics processing

Our individual and high-quality plastics processing includes the following processing options:

  • Cutting, drilling, turning and milling
  • CNC milling up to plate size 3000mm x 2000mm
  • Bending and edging
  • Welding (various processes)
  • glue
  • Coating with plastics including PE and ECTFE in the fluidized bed process up to 2mm coating thickness
  • Concrete protective coatings

Areas of application for plastic in the private sector

Whether for the house, apartment or garden - the durable and insensitive plastics are ideally suited for both indoor and outdoor use.
Here are some examples of how it can be used:

Collecting trays for aquariums
The plastic tubs protect your facility and your floor in the event the aquarium cracks or overflows.

Wall coverings
With wall cladding, you have the option, for example, of protecting your house walls from dirt or damage. The cladding can also be used indoors or outdoors as bumper protection for moving bobby cars or as a practical splash guard in the kitchen.

In addition, wall coverings can protect your wall from scratches at the height of keyholes.

There are also many uses as a pet owner:
Whether the wet dog shakes itself after a walk in the hallway or the rabbits like to have the wallpaper to eat - your walls are protected with a wall covering!

Custom-fit containers
Especially in the garden area, custom-fit or space-optimized containers are very useful for storing various garden tools, wood or other items.

Do you have an unused spot under a rain gutter, but in which no conventional collecting bin fits? We manufacture these exactly according to your required dimensions!

Privacy and wind protection

Again, many products for pet owners come into question.

Whether as a windbreak on rabbit enclosures to protect your rabbits from drafts or as a privacy screen to allow the rabbits to retreat.

A plastic cover can also help keep the roof dry and prevent rainwater from running in.

Thus the animals are protected from wind and weather.

Furthermore, a privacy screen is often used on the garden fence, for example, to save your dog from seeing things that are exciting for him. Of course, this can also be used to contain the looks of the neighbors.

Balcony cladding
The balcony cladding made of transparent plastic is a great way to show your flowers to other people on the balcony. This protects you from the wind without restricting your view of your flowers.

Custom-fit shelves and boxes
As a more exclusive and stable variant to standard shelves or boxes. Very popular in children's rooms.

The fittings are ideal, for example, for piping your swimming pool or your pond in your own garden.

We would also be happy to manufacture other plastic products for you.

We are looking forward to your message.

Werner Weide GmbH - your competent contact for plastics processing in Rodenbach near Hanau.