Does Ram Setu really exist

Why did Rama build a bridge to Lanka?

Why was the option of crossing the ocean by boat not chosen?

I. Deadline

Sita sent a message via Hanuman that Rama should arrive in Lanka within a month:

जीवितम् धारयिष्यामि मासम् दशरथ आत्मज || ५-६५-२४

ऊर्ध्वम् मासान् न जीवेयम् रक्षसाम् वशम् आगता |

"O Rama! I will sustain my life for a month. After falling into the control of the demons, I cannot survive more than a month."

II.Rama's army was huge

बलम् चाकाशमावृत्य सर्वतो दशयोजनम् |

तत्त्वभूतम् महारज क्षिप्रम् वेदितुमर्हसि || ६-२०-६

"O Monarch! Your army is deployed within ten yojanas (eighty miles) on all sides. You must ascertain this truth quickly."

तानि कोटि सहस्राणि वानराणाम् महाओजसाम् |

बध्नन्तः सागरे सेतुम् जग्मुः पारम् महाउदधेः || ६-२२-७७

Those thousand million monkeys in one great spectacle reached the other side of the great ocean shortly after building this bridge over the sea.

Boats and boaters were not available in this large number, so building boats and organizing boatmen would have taken more time.Also, only a few rakshasas lived in the water, so they could attack boats.Defense on boats was a little tricky.

Which alternative solution was then chosen?

Rama asked Sea God to guide him so that his army could get to Lanka:

तस्य रामस्य सुप्तस्य कुश आस्तीर्णे मही तले |

नियमाद् अप्रमत्तस्य निशास् तिस्रो अतिचक्रमुः || ६-२१-१०

According to Scripture, Rama, who was dedicated to his sacred vow, stayed there for three nights while he slept on the Kusha-grass floor.


न च दर्शयते मन्दस् तदा रामस्य सागरः |

प्रयतेन अपि रामेण यथा अर्हम् अभिपूजितः || ६-२१-१२

Although the negligent ocean was honored for its worth by the self-subjugated Rama, it did not appear to Rama in his personal form.

Then Rama got angry and said the following to Sea

शरनिर्दग्धतोयस्य परिशुष्कस्य सागर |

मया निहतसत्त्वस्य पांसुरुत्पद्यते महान् || ६-२२-२

मत्कार्मुकनिसृष्टेन शरवर्षेण सागर |

परम् ​​तीरम् गमिष्यन्ति पद्भिरेव प्लवङ्गमाः || ६-२२-३

"O ocean! A huge strip of sand will appear when your water is consumed by my arrows; when you are dried out and the creatures that inhabit you are destroyed by me."

"With a torrent of arrows fired from my bow, our monkeys can even get to the other bank on foot; O ocean!"

And when Rama was about to release Brahmastra, Sea God appeared and uttered these words:

अयम् सौम्य नलो नाम तनुजो विश्व कर्मणः |

पित्रा दत्त वरः श्रीमान् प्रतिमो विश्व कर्मणः || ६-२२-४४

एष सेतुम् महाउत्साहः करोतु मयि वानरः |

तम् अहम् धारयिष्यामि तथा हि एष यथा पिता || ६-२२-४५

"Oh, excellent man! This one, called Nala, a wonderful person, is the son of Vishvakarma; who has received a blessing from his father and is equal to Visvakarma."

"Let this very energetic monkey build a bridge over me. I can hold that bridge. He's just like his father."

And Rama accepted this suggestion.

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Ali Adravi

Sita sent a message via Hanuman? So that Hanuman could fly away with Sita, what was the purpose of sending the message?


@AliAdravi yes Hanuman said that but Sita refused ... she wanted her husband to come and destroy all evils in Lanka ...

Ali Adravi

Mr. YDS: Who told you Sita refused to go? Is there any evidence of this? Burning the whole country with one beast couldn't be justified by saying the EVIL.


@AliAdravi "there is proof" - yes, in Ramayan, Sita said to Hanuman, "O Hanuman, the annihilator of enemies! You are confident enough yourself to do this task with one hand. Your heightened energy is indeed believable . But, It will be appropriate that Rama, who is destroying the enemy forces, take me with him after chasing Lanka away with his arrows. "


@AliAdravi It was Ravana who ordered Hanuman's tail to be set on fire ... and maybe it just destroyed the fort and not the whole country ... anyway, Vibhishan's house and Ashok Vatika were not burned ... that taught Hanuman: "I destroyed part of the army. The Demolition of the fortress is not finished yet. If the fortress is destroyed, the task (of Rama's struggle) will be free from weariness. It is justified to satisfy that blazing flame on my tail. by adding it to the fuel with these excellent houses. "