What's the best burger in Germany

The 12 best burgers in the world - according to the experts at National Geographic

These are the best burgers in the world!

Hamburgers are Americans' favorite food. From simple street stalls to 3-star restaurants, the gourmet version of the sandwich has built a veritable dynasty around the world.

Since the classic hamburger was born at the end of the 19th century, its formula has remained quite simple to this day - a slice of grilled minced meat, on it some melted cheese, garnished with lettuce, tomato, onion and some sauces, covered by two rolls garnished with sesame seeds. The rather unpretentious finger food is not a fancy meal, but it is quick, nostalgic and extremely delicious. So tasty that even vegans have found a way to enjoy fine herbal versions of the classic. (Also read: The perfect burger - a recipe with two very special ingredients)

National Geographic introduces us to the best burgers in the world

Fast food restaurants vie for who has the best burger, the most famous chefs can't help but try their hand at culinary delights between truffles, foie gras and sophisticated sauces, while the commonplace - aka those who haven't attended cooking school - indulge in limitless ingenuity of the World Wide Web to enjoy your own burger creation at home.

But with so much variety, styles and possible combinations, is there still a perfect burger? Taste can be debated, but National Geographic foodie experts say there are twelve burgers around the world that combine the best of everything. (Also worth reading: Tips from the professional: How to grill the perfect burger)

Lovers must have tried these burgers at least once in their life

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Shake Shack - the cult burger from New York

This restaurant started as a small street stall and quickly developed into one of the most successful burger restaurant chains in different parts of the world (including Berlin). The menu is simple and short, and the star of all burgers is the so-called “shack” - with its classic, soft potato bread, the house sauce and the perfectly seared meat on the grill. This is simplicity at its best, and great proof that with burgers, less is more.

In-N-Out - These classic burgers from the California fast food chain are addicting

This is a must visit to Los Angeles and other parts of California. Like the "Shack", this burger is simple and classic, there are no fancy ingredients or complicated sauces, but they are always prepared on the spot and have a special house sauce that makes them unique. These burgers are addicting. And even if it's a quick service restaurant, you can be sure that the burgers are always of good quality.

Uniburger - named the best burgers in Montreal

The burgers from the fast-food restaurant chain Uniburger were recently named one of the best in Canada - because they make classic burgers from the best ingredients. The best: You can also enjoy the best burger in Montreal in the German capital.

We love Burgers - the tastiest burger creations in Mexico

These burgers are crazy, the meat is juicy, the bread is soft, and the ingredients vary to cater for everyone. You can find everything from a traditional burger to versions made with bacon, onion rings and a homemade BBQ sauce. A favorite is the French dip with roast beef and caramelized onions with a thick slice of melted Swiss cheese.

Home Burgers - “Fast Casual” in Bogota

Four friends - and big fans of hamburgers - decided to bring the concept of "fast casual" to Colombia when they realized there was no place to eat a really good hamburger without paying a fortune - and that's how Home Burgers was born. In their burgers, juicy premium beef meets fresh vegetables and hearty bread. Their famous secret sauce gives the burgers their unmistakable taste.

Honest Burgers - the food scene from London is looking forward to it

London isn't a city famous for its food, but it does have a culinary food scene - and that's where burgers come in. These burgers are one of the city's favorites because they are simple, flavorful and offer maximum flavor.

Man with hamburger and french fries

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The Bird - 250 grams of juicy beef in the best giant burger in Berlin

If you ask a local in Berlin where to try the best burger, they will likely recommend “The Bird” to you. Remember that burger originated in Hamburg, but Berlin has now established itself as the location with the best burgers. The burgers from “The Bird” are huge, contain 250 grams of beef between an English bread roll and can be accompanied by all sorts of ingredients - from classic gherkins to creamy guacamole. (Also read: A robot is supposed to replace chefs in burger restaurants)

The Butcher - Aberdeen Angus beef in Amsterdam's juiciest burgers

This restaurant opened in 2012 and is an icon in the city. The burger is made with Aberdeen Angus beef and there are 17 different variations on the menu. The restaurant strives to create the best burgers, always using fresh ingredients, special sauces and a homemade brioche-style bun. The favorite is “The Daddy” with Edam, BBQ and grilled onions.

Blend - the star chef Victor Garnier conjures up the perfect gourmet burger in the city of love

Paris is one of the cities with the most starred restaurants in the world. Blend was created by Chef Victor Garnier, who was determined to create the perfect gourmet hamburger - the meat is chopped by hand, the ketchup is made in his own kitchen and the bread is baked in the oven every day. The menu includes exquisite salmon or lamb burgers alongside classic beef burgers.

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Alfredo's Barbacoa - classic burger from the 1980s from the Spanish capital, Madrid

Chef Alfred Gradus opened this American concept restaurant in the 1980s - and his grilled burgers are legendary. The grilled meat is of the highest quality and the in-house BBQ sauce gives it an almost nostalgic taste. (Also: Why do vegan or vegetarian products actually have to taste like meat?)

Chur Burger - tasty pulled pork burger from Sydney

In Australia, you can find creations that are obviously made by a true burger fanatic. Chur Burger offers its guests twelve tasty versions with beef, chicken, fish, lamb or a vegetarian version with plenty of unusual ingredients. The pulled pork burger is an absolute favorite.

Fergburger - look at the northern lights and devour burgers in Queenstown (New Zealand)

Not only can you see the northern lights, but you can also devour a large burger. According to many experts, “Fergburger” makes the best in the world, sells 24 hours a day and ensures long queues. These burgers are made with the finest meat, and it is ensured that they are always freshly made right on the spot.

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