How do I edit CFG files

What is a CFG file?

Have you found a file on your computer and are wondering which program can be used to open such a file? Someone may have emailed them a file with the CFG extension, but they are not sure what to do with it. You may have tried to open the CFG file, but Windows told you that the system cannot open the file.
Assuming that CFG is a file format that is intended to be edited by the user, you should first find out what type of file the CFG file extension is.
A CFG file is a configuration file. Other programs may use the same file extension for other file types, but this is probably the most common option.

How can I open a CFG file?

The easiest way to open a CFG file is to double-click the mouse. Windows then starts the program that is associated with the file extension in the system. If your computer cannot open the CFG file, then you probably have not installed the software necessary to open or edit the CFG files.

Danger! If you have downloaded files from the Internet or received them by email, you should not click on them immediately. If it is an executable file, it can be started immediately and possibly cause damage if it is malicious software. Here is a list of executable programs that lists file extensions that are potentially dangerous (there can of course be others).

At the moment there are no programs known that can open or edit CFG files. If you know more about it, send me a short email to the email address given in the legal notice and I will integrate the information on this website.

Tip: Use the Windows integrated editor (Notepad) or another text editor to look into a CFG file. Numerous file extensions are synonyms for ASCII files or contain a large part of text, so that at least part of the information can be extracted from the file.

Convert CFG file

There are basically several options for converting a CFG file. The following are the most promising:

  • Open the CFG file with the associated program and save the file in a different format. This is often the best option for converting CFG files because it ensures maximum compatibility and accuracy in the conversion. However, if you do not have the appropriate program for editing CFGs, the second option takes effect.
  • Use a program to convert CFG files. Many commonly used file types also have websites and online services that can be used to convert files.

    Note: Usually it is not enough to change the file extension of CFG in order to be able to view or edit it. The internal structure of a file must match the file extension so that programs can handle it.

We have also prepared a list of file extensions on this website, the meaning of which can also be found on infothema.