What is a combat combination


The symbol is labeled with the effect of the combo

A Combo is the interplay of two skills cast by one or more characters to create a special effect. A combo field that has been created is touched by a combo end and then triggers the combination.

Combos consist of two elements:

  • Combination fields create an area on the ground that can be triggered by contact for a combo. Different field types categorize the triggered effects, which are varied by closings.
  • Combo degrees trigger the combo on a field and cause an environmental effect. The type of deal determines how the field is distributed and what the exact effect is. Combo completion is usually a skill that moves a player or an object (e.g. a projectile) through a field and is changed by him in the process. Examples are arrows from a bow, a strong hammer blow on the ground or a thief whirling through the air.

A combo completion only triggers the first field it hits. If several fields are on top of each other, the one that has been lying the longest, i.e. at the bottom, is triggered. When calculating the power of damage / healing, the attributes of the character who completed the combo are considered.

When a combo is triggered, the players involved receive a symbol with the generated combo displayed at the trigger location.

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