Why did Instagram discontinue similar functions

Instagram: 10 features you should know

(As of September 2020)

Somehow, it is part of Instagram that a swan song is played on the platform again and again. The iOS friends moaned when their exclusive photo playground was also opened for Android and later both camps moaned unanimously when Mark Zuckerberg decided at the time that Instagram would fit perfectly into the Facebook portfolio.

Such changes or the revision of the privacy settings were always accompanied by many users willing to migrate, who mostly communicated their Instagram fatigue loudly on the relevant social platforms (yes, also on Facebook). The end of the song? There is no end - the number of users continues to increase. Instagram now has over 1 billion users (when it was first published it was 400 million) - it is estimated that there could be around 21 million users in Germany. When it was first published, Facebook's official figure was 6 million.

With these figures it is clear that there are many new users every day who first have to find their way around the platform that has grown over the years. Old hands, on the other hand, could have missed one or the other update or overlooked one or the other, which is why our ten points could help both professionals and Instagram noobs:


1. Notifications for posts from your most important contacts

Depending on how diligently you collect contacts (which is quite easy by checking Facebook friends), it can get a little confusing in your stream. When you turn on your people's post notifications, you'll never lose sight of them.

To do this, you just go to that [Profile] the desired person, here you can see various buttons. Click her on [Subscribed] could you [Notifications] select the post types of the respective account for which you would like to receive a notification: - ContributionsStoriesIGTVLive videos.

2. This is how you can see all of your favorite pictures

Instagram makes it very easy for us to like other people's photos, for example by tapping twice on a picture. In the past, you could call up all the posts that you have ever liked with just a few clicks. Today it's not that easy anymore.

The function is currently hidden in the settings. In this you will find when you click on your [Profile pic] clicks → die [three horizontal lines] top right → these in turn lead to the [Settings] bottom right → here on [Account] and finally → [Posts you like]. A true matryoshka function.


3. Delete search history

As in the browser, there can always be a point within this app at which you would prefer to have a search history cleaned up. You can of course also do that on Instagram, again via the [Settings] (see point 2).

This time you will find the option you want under [Security] → [Search History]. Here you can delete certain search queries or the entire history.

4. So you can only be tagged on request

Even if you're new to Instagram, there's a good chance that you've been tagged on a photo, at least on Facebook, and maybe not that happy about it. Just as there is the option on Facebook to decide for yourself whether you want to appear as a tagged person in the picture, there is also the option on Instagram.

Again under [Settings] (Point 2) you will find the category [Privacy] and you can decide here who is allowed to tag you: [Everyone] - [people you follow] and - [Nobody]. Here you can also set whether you want to accept markings automatically or manually by default. If necessary, you can also manage the markings here. Similar functions can also be found for [Comments] and [Mentions].

5. Hide irrelevant advertisements

Advertising is annoying - some more, others less. Personally, I never use ad blockers and just use the offers on the web that are not overwhelmed with advertising. Advertising on Facebook or Twitter doesn't really annoy me, either, the same applies to Instagram. If it looks different for you and you keep getting the same annoying ad, you can take action on Instagram.

Sponsored articles are marked as such. Just click on them [Sponsored] and you get the opportunity to remove the ad with one tap by clicking on [Hide] presses.

Then - similar to Facebook - another query appears in which Instagram would like to know from you whether the advertising is simply not relevant to you, whether it is inappropriate or whether it is simply being shown to you too often. Then simply select the desired option there.


6. Optimize for the search function

A more or less hidden feature is to optimize your own profile for the search function. As with a website, you have to find and fill the right keywords for this. A task in which the procedure also depends on how similar accounts or competitors position themselves.

Of course, the optimization does not only apply to your posts and stories, but also to your profile. You can do this as follows:

Click on yours [Profile] below right → in the middle you can see [Edit profile] and in the line [Characteristics] you can place keywords. You can use the first line for a relevant description of your profile. You can then place relevant hashtags in the field below. For example, this is how I solved it for our dummy account.

7. Unfollow suggested accounts

Facebook and Instagram have long realized that too much irrelevant content is not exactly conducive to user engagement. In order to better manage irrelevant content, the Instagram developers have come up with a useful function.

When you call up your subscribed accounts: [Profile]→ [Subscribed] you can click on the categories [Least interaction] and [most displayed]. So you can easily manage inactive accounts or uninteresting accounts.


8. Post texts

Much like on Facebook, you can also create pure text posts on Instagram. To do this, go to the start menu [Camera icon] top left. This opens the camera menu. But you also have the option to create a text by adding [Aa] calls. You can adjust the color at the bottom right. Do you want to start writing? [Tap to write] call up the text field.

There is no character limit. If your text becomes very long, your followers can scroll through the text. But that's not really reader-friendly.

9. Post to multiple accounts at the same time

Many people operate multiple accounts, be it for their company, as a social media manager or because they want to separate public and private profiles. For all of these user groups it can be useful to be able to post on several accounts at the same time. Unfortunately, despite the release in early 2019, the feature is still only available for iOS users. To use it, you simply have to link your accounts beforehand: [Settings] → [Add Account]. From now on, iOS users will have the option to post to other accounts as well.

For Android (and iOS users), the same function is still available for Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.


10. Dark mode

A dark mode may not sound like a special feature, but anyone who is a long-established Instagram user knows that this has not existed for a long time. And that although the Instagram community has long wanted dark mode. Over the years, Twitter, Reddit and many other apps passed Instagram in this regard ...

A few years ago the change came that it could be introduced via the system settings of the mobile phone. A function that is still available and useful if you want to use dark mode depending on the time. Today you can easily switch to Dark Mode [Settings][Design] call.


There is a lot more to discover on Instagram, you'll find out for yourself. With these 10 little aids, you should find your way around this great platform a little easier as an Instagram beginner - we hope you have a lot of fun with it.

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