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Star Trek Discovery Season 4: Trailer, spoilers and all news about the release and cast


In 2021 "Star Trek: Discovery" season 4 starts on streaming service Netflix. With us you will find the trailer as well as all spoilers and news about the cast and plot!

Sci-Fi fans get their money's worth with "Star Trek: Discovery". No wonder that the streaming service Netflix has extended the popular series from the "Star Trek" universe by a fourth season. "Star Trek: Discovery" Season 4 is currently being shot!

Start of "Star Trek: Discovery" season 4

So far, with the exception of the year 2021, no official start date for "Star Trek: Discovery" season 4 has been announced on Netflix or in the USA on the streaming service Paramount +. "Star Trek" fans will get their money's worth in August 2021 at the latest with "Star Trek: Lower Decks" Season 2. "Discovery" season 4 will follow in autumn or winter 2021.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Trailer

A new threat awaits us and it is tough. In the first trailer for "Star Trek: Discovery" season 4 we see the devastating damage the new threat to the U.S.S. Discovery caused. Can the Federation eliminate this threat? Check out the trailer:

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"Star Trek: Discovery" Season 4: Plot

Before we tell you what happens in "Star Trek: Discovery" Season 4, let's briefly summarize the third season: Michael Burnham and the U.S.S. Discovery spark new hope for the Federation as well as Starfleet in a dystopian future. The institutions are only a shadow of themselves and will be re-established with the help of Discovery at the end of the season.

"Star Trek: Discovery". Back to the roots of the Enterprise!

Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 will build on events and return to the roots of the original Star Trek: Starship Enterprise series. The newly established federation sends out spaceships like the Discovery to re-explore the endless expanses.

Fans can not only look forward to a return to the roots of the "Star Trek" universe, but also to the name of the series: "Discovery". Even the rhythm of the series is supposed to be changed, and an episodic structure is preferred to an ongoing plot.

When asked about the villain, showrunner Alex Kurtzman doesn't want to anticipate too much. However, he indicates that the villain does not always have to be a breathing or a living being.

Star Trek Discovery: is Saru returning in Season 4?

At the end of the third season, Saru travels to Kaminar with Su'kal. There's a lot to do on his home planet, and actor Doug Jones isn't sure if Saru will return to the Discovery either.

Showrunner Alex Kurtzman reveals that no matter where he stays, Saru will definitely be part of Star Trek: Discovery Season 4. Actor Doug Jones is a must under no circumstances.

Will Michael Burnham Remain Captain of Discovery?

Michael Burnham was named Captain of Discovery in the Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 finale, while Saru was on the planet Kaminar with Su'Kal. But will Saru reclaim the captaincy as soon as he is back on board the spaceship?

It is unlikely that Saru will try again for the post. He has completed his mission and successfully led Discovery into a new millennium. Now it is Michael's turn to lead the Discovery on new adventures. We have four reasons why Michael is the better captain and four more reasons why Saru should better return!

Is the Discovery returning to its real timeline?

At the end of the second season, the Discovery jumped into the year 3188. That's around a thousand years after the events of the first two seasons. Since the crew made this jump willingly and is now in the process of reshaping the future in the 32nd century, the crew members have no ambitions to travel back in time.

Especially since the series makers have more creative freedom thanks to the leap in time. Because as far in the future as "Star Trek: Discovery" Season 4, no other "Star Trek" series has been played. A jump back would again require other series of the universe to be taken into account without destroying the chronology. We'll explain the correct "Star Trek" order to you!

Star Trek: Crossover

"Star Trek: Discovery" season 4 takes place so far in the future that a crossover with other series seems unlikely. However, we learn in the course of season 3 that time travel in the future is possible, although prohibited.

On the part of the broadcaster, there should definitely be an interest in letting the ranks of new "Star Trek" series meet in a crossover. There should also be a reunion between Michael Burnham and Spock. We have all the information about the "Star Trek" crossover!

Cast of "Star Trek: Discovery" Season 4

Who is returning to Discovery in Season 4? Nothing official has been announced yet. Certainly Saru, Burnham, Stamets and Tilly will return. The rest of the Discovery crew will return as well.

Oded Fehr will return as Admiral Vance and David Cronenberg as Kovich. For Michelle Yeoh, the journey ends as Philippa Georgiou on board the Discovery, instead her story will continue in "Star Trek: Section 31".

"Star Trek: Discovery": Season 4 production

The coronavirus pandemic benefited the production of "Star Trek: Discovery" Season 4. Showrunner Alex Kurtzman was able to announce in August 2020 that the scripts for "Star Trek: Discovery" Season 4 were already well advanced. Rumors were already circulating in September that filming of "Star Trek: Discovery" season 4 had started.

For the season premiere of the third season it was finally officially confirmed that the Discovery is dashing into the fourth "Star Trek" adventure. November 2, 2020 was announced as the start of production. So things are progressing at a fast pace. And while fans are waiting for Discovery, we will soon be delighted by new "Star Trek" series.

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