Is SSB really unpredictable

Yvonne Becht from the Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen AG (SSB) at the Gaisburg location has been voted bus driver of the year in the Stuttgart area. Sieglinde Hahn, Head of Driving Operations at SSB, and VVS Managing Director Horst Stammler congratulated the bus driver today. They presented the winner with an Easy Ticket voucher worth 200 euros, which can be redeemed for a wide variety of tickets - for example for a concert, musical or a VfB home game.

Yvonne Becht has been behind the bus driver for a year. The 50-year-old previously worked in sales, but then wanted to realign herself professionally. With success: in a short time it literally drove itself into the hearts of its passengers. "I was very impressed by the calm and friendly manner of the bus driver," says one passenger. He was on board with Yvonne Becht on a trip and described the various situations that made an impression on him on the ballot. For example, there is talk of a woman with a baby who rushed to the bus stop at the last second and Ms. Becht did not close the doors by her nose, or of an older couple who looked a bit nervous and helpless, whom the bus driver talked to and she talked to brought to the main train station on time.

It is precisely the many unpredictable situations in which you have to react spontaneously that are what appeals to the woman from Weilimdorf about her work and what has brought her to her new job. “I like to be in contact with a lot of people and you never get bored when driving a bus in city traffic. Every day brings new challenges and I am happy when I can master them well, ”says Yvonne Becht. Changing jobs without previous knowledge was a challenge, but feasible. "But you also have to want it and have respect, but not fear, of the new task," says Becht. She also has a secret recipe when school or kindergarten children heat up the noise level in the bus that is too bad: “Then I use the microphone to sing a song or even ask the children to sing me a song. In the stanzas it is usually quieter, "smiles the bus driver.

“If you enjoy doing your job like Ms. Becht”, emphasized Sieglinde Hahn, “then it radiates - to colleagues and passengers.” Ms. Becht can now “work at SSB” Life."

The bus driver is on all lines of the Gaisburg depot, i.e. the 40, 50, 60 and 90 lines. This means that it is mainly used in the city of Stuttgart and in the city districts close to the city center.

With the annual “Bus Driver of the Year” competition, the VVS would like to thank all bus drivers for their daily commitment and commitment in an increasingly demanding, stressful work environment. “Bus drivers are the calling cards of local public transport. Despite the increasingly crowded streets and numerous construction sites, you always have to keep an overview and get your passengers to their destination safely and on time - this is not an easy task, especially in the dense Stuttgart traffic. Anyone who still has a smile on their face and does their job really well like Ms. Becht deserves recognition, ”says VVS Managing Director Horst Stammler. “And of course we want to use this campaign to promote the profession of bus driver. The industry is urgently dependent on young talent, "said Stammler. The offer is regularly improved. For example, the new express bus route X7 from Harthausen, Bonlanden and Plattenhardt via Stetten and the B27 to Degerloch will be added to the timetable change. Line 65 will also be extended to the airport. “That of course also means that the need for qualified drivers is increasing,” added Stammler.

The “Bus Driver of the Year” competition has been held by the VVS since 2004, which is the 16th time this year. Above all, driving style, friendliness and professional competence in information about connections and tariffs are assessed.

There are almost 400 bus routes in the network area, of which the SSB 53 runs. Their buses cover around 15 million kilometers a year. The approximately 700 bus drivers of the SSB transport around 54 million passengers. There are over 260 buses in the city transport company's fleet.