What are some ways to dress artistically

Skirts, dresses and artistic clothing: the fine line between fashion and art

Skirts, dresses and artistic clothing: the fine line between fashion and art

Possibly art permeates all aspects of our life, hence the use of clothing turns out to be a luxury and eccentricity that only art and fashion can realize.

There is no doubt that art and fashion get along very well. The collections of Haute couture of the various fashion houses in the world.

And is that if there is a difference between dress y Fashion is that the latter can function as art. Fashion is imaginative, emotional, and evokes meanings and symbols that go beyond mere body covering.

Pret a Porter vs. Haute Couture


On the one hand, fashion is a daily way of life. Department stores sell mass products that are easy to come by. Usually Clothing has the ability to express moods, to taste them and to define styles.

However, there is also one that looks like a work of art. Garments carefully designed by artists. Only a few items of clothing are made and are usually exclusive. It's about haute couture or haute couture. Finely designed and made.

In this area, designers and designers find an extremely broad field of media, techniques and inspiration. All for Create garments that have a lot more to do with imagination than functionality.

It's no longer just about protecting the body from climate change and humility. Art garments now represent a complex level of taste and shape.

Viktor and Rolf


Viktor & Rolf designers Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren decided to explore the end of marriage between clothing and art. With their Haute Couture 2015 collection, they showed that famous paintings can be captured on skirts and dresses.

Undoubtedly a literal example that fashion can be art. And is that They achieved it using painted gold frames and white canvases. As if that weren't enough, they built in "patches of color" created by "a complex layer of laser-cut jacquards, embroidery and appliqu├ęs.

The Dutch duo expanded the idea by turning the collection into a work of art in itself.

In addition, they demonstrated their flawless application of the technique by manipulating the objects that the models used to transform them into sculptural paintings. In addition, these were placed on a white wall.

Who would use it?


And you might be wondering who besides Lady Gaga, a Viktor & Rolf fan, would wear these artistic garments? But maybe this is neither the case nor the most important question.

Even if someone wanted to acquire some of these artistic garments, from the moment of the parade it was impossible to do so. This is because The entire collection was acquired by the art collector Han Nefkens. The art lover donated the artistic objects to the Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum in the Netherlands.

Without a doubt, Viktor & Rolf have merged art and fashion into artistic garments that enhance the way clothing is conceptualized and re-label them in more than simple tools that cover the body.