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Ida from the highly recommended blog, ida's bookshelf, described her reading habits in a blog post a few days ago and since I found it super interesting to hear what is important to others in their reading behavior, I thought I would agree. So here are my reading habits, maybe it will be very interesting for one or the other!

H a s t d u e i n e n b e s t i m t e n P l a t z z u h a u s e z u m L e s e n?

Not really. I can read well almost anywhere I can sit comfortably. But right now I really enjoy reading on the windowsill of my wide-open window!

L e s e z e i c h e n o d e r e i n w i l l k ü r l i c h e s S t ü c k P a p i e r?

Actually, neither, I fold the pages like a donkey ear, I like it when the books look "torn up", so the spine can easily be creased. It is actually not at all important to me that a book looks new, I want to read it in the most comfortable way possible.

K a n n s t d u i r g e n d w o i n e i n e m B u c h a u f h ö r e n z u l e s e n?

Yes, actually, unless the book captivates me so much that I just can't stop. Then the negotiation mode starts in my head: I only read until the next paragraph on the right ... Oh come on, one more paragraph is also possible ... okay, one last ... Really just this page and then I close the book ... oh, the chapter is already over in two pages? Then I can now confidently read them too ...

And so on 🙂

I s s t o d e r t r i n k s t d u w ä h r e n d d e s L e s e n s?

Yes, my best reading time is in the morning, I always read while I have breakfast and am happy about the comfort every day! And otherwise, when I eat my meals alone, I mostly read.

M u l t i t a s k i n g: M u s i k o d e r F e r n s e h e n w ä h r e n d d u l i e s t?

Not anymore. I used to read Hanni and Nanni at the same time and listen to Petterson and Findus at the same time, which has always surprised my family, but today I can no longer concentrate on music and books at the same time. Everyday background noises, on the other hand, are not a problem at all, at the train station of the main train station I am wonderfully immersed in a book!

E i n B u c h o d e r m e h r e r e B u c h e r g l e i c h z e i t i g?

That pretty much depends on how gripped the current book is. If I find it absolutely terrific, then it has to be read to the end quickly without getting competition. However, if the arc of tension gets on my nerves increasingly in its slowness, it happens that I start another book at the same time. Especially with classics or “heavier” food, I need a little lighter variety. But since I HAVE to finish reading books once I've started, it doesn't matter. Just recently I finished reading Madame Bovary after it had been lying next to my bedside table for a year ...

L a u t l e s e n o d e r s t i l l u n d l e i s e i m K o p f?

Mostly quietly and quietly in the head. Sometimes I just feel like reading aloud and then I read aloud to myself. I've always liked reading aloud with melodious sound, so that you sound like an old fairytale teller with a warm voice who manages to cast a spell over you with a story.

Ü b e r s p r i n g s t d u P a s s a g e n o d e r S ei t e n a u s d e m B u c h?

Yes, sometimes. There are books in which certain descriptions and descriptions are repeated over and over and in a certain way interrupt or delay the arc of tension. I always have a guilty conscience when my gaze greedily scans an entire paragraph in search of more active action, because when I write descriptions I always have a lot of fun, but sometimes they get the authors a tad too long . As an example, I just think of Harry Potter. I devoured the books a lot, but every time and with each of the seven parts the beginning, the first sixty pages, gets on my nerves, simply because they are very descriptive about Harry's life with Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia . Only after a few chapters does the real plot of the book begin. Does anyone else feel the same way?

I'm actually not that impatient at all….

D e n B u c h r u c k e n b r e c h e n o d e r i h n s o b e l a s e n, d a s s e r i m b e s t e n F a l l w i e n e u a u s s i e h t?

As I said above: break! I go crazy when my book keeps closing on its own! Especially when I eat, I want it to lie flat next to my plate 🙂 That's why I always get a little nervous when I borrow a book from someone who I know is important that the shape of the Book is aesthetically preserved.

S c h r e i b s t d u i n d e i n e i n e B u c h e r?

Yes, but only if it's a book that I'm supposed to analyze or if I'm reading a non-fiction book. Books from which I want to get information are colorful and full of notes with pen, fountain pen or fineliner and underlining is more of a foreign word for me 🙂

In novels I don't actually write anything, I just read particularly beautiful sentences or passages several times and when it comes up I mark them with a crease in the lower corner of the book ...

And finally: do you have a certain quirk when reading? (I'll just add another 🙂 to the questions

It developed for me a few years ago, actually since I wrote so much myself and dealt with language. I have to read the sentences - every sentence - very carefully. This is quite annoying at times, as it slows my reading speed.

An example from my current book: Joachim Meyerhoff: Oh this gap, this horrific gap:

Page 303: "Despite their age, the cards were in extremely good condition and were therefore never replaced."

Actually a simple sentence. But before I can read any further, I have to read it again and understand the adjectives exactly: The cards are EXCELLENTLY GOOD.

That is now on the basis of content, but linguistically it is the same for me that I have to understand certain sentence constructions exactly before I can continue reading. It's exhausting! However, also helpful for your own writing ...

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